The Lib Dems held their party conference in Bournemouth, riding high on support for Remain and adding some new defectors to the roster. Here’s everything you missed from the four-day conference.
Most seats now contain a majority of voters who want to stay in the EU.
When I vote tomorrow it will be for the party which will do the most to stick up for my EU friends who have made their lives here; which will argue for my children's horizons to be broadened by freedom of movement; which treats our European alliance with respect and welcomes its citizens with friendship.
We really are in a 'through the looking glass' phase of national and international politics with a dangerous growth of 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend' dogma. Self styled moderates behaving like the right. Vexed liberals coming over all authoritarian. Reactionary western nationalists having a love-in with long time foe Russia.
It is time for pro-Europeans to unite, make the positive case for a Britain that engages with Europe to enhance our prosperity and security, and to warn about the danger of the Government's trajectory, while respecting the result of the referendum on June 23rd. That is the argument Tony Blair will make in today's keynote speech for Open Britain this morning.
Let's face it: Brexit is a mess. Remainers and Leavers are at each others throats, political parties are divided down the middle, Nigel Farage is actually happy and our Prime Minister is playing her cards so close to her chest not even she knows what hand she's holding. So far, our liberation from European imperialism has been opaque, confusing and angry, and worst of all, it's left a lot of us with a lack of appetite for democracy. But it didn't have to be this way.
Merry Brexmas. Who'd have thought, six months on, that we'd be as fascinated, if not more so, with Brexit as we were back in June? The newspapers are obsessed with it. Politicians go on endlessly about it. Social media throbs with it. And yet, and yet, virtually nothing of significance has actually happened. This is phony war - in the age of twitter.
The UK needs either: A submission of the entire issue to Parliament for a debate and free vote; Or a second referendum with clearly defined options and consequences and factual public information upon which to make a vote provided by an independent impartial committee set up by the Government. And we need it NOW.
When the practical and economic feasibility of a routine 7-day NHS has been roundly debunked by senior doctors, service providers and analyists, it is only natural to ask how this is going to happen. Maybe, we ought to be thinking a little more naturally ourselves, and prepare for our complementary secretary of state for health to give us a very complementary 7-day routine NHS.
On 24th September 2016, the Daily Mail headlined with the following: This follows on from a number of previous articles published