09/12/2016 07:10 GMT | Updated 09/12/2017 05:12 GMT

Will We See Joe Biden As President In 2020?


With countless quintessential memes of Joe Biden and President Obama's bromance plastered all over the Internet, America's commander in chief for the past eight years has been met with exceeding popularity to run for Presidency in 2020.

This comes as no surprise. Let's wind back to 2013 where GQ discussed the potential future of Biden as President. He stated that he "can die a happy man having never been the President of the United States of America" but there's definitely no guarantee that he "won't run". Although he declined to run in 2016, he told NBC's Kelly O'Donnell, "Yeah I am. I am going to run in 2020 so uh...". Albeit he sounded hesitant, he ended his sentence saying "What the hell man," (the exact reaction I had to Trump's Presidency).

This will undoubtedly send meme fans exploding with excitement at the potential of even more epochal memes of Biden in the future. Approaching the tender age of 75, Biden's reputation as a publicly admired figure only developed in the past decade after a string of controversial blunders. One of his most notable phrases was describing Obama's Affordable Care Act as a "big fucking deal" and pressuring a Missouri state senator who used a wheelchair to "stand up!" during the Obama campaign in 2008. Despite the buzz that occurred as a result of his clamorous statements, this has nothing on Trump's never-ending gaffes.

The current vice-president and former senator who was first elected as a US senator in 1973 from the state of Delaware has won re-election six times. In 2015, there was significant speculation that he would opt to challenge Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential primary for this cycle. However, the questions and speculation ended in October 2015 when he stated that he would not run since his priority was the family recovery to the loss of their eldest son Beau to cancer in May of that year. "As my family and I have worked through the grieving process," he said, "I've said all along that it may very well be that process, by the time we get through it, closes the window on mounting a realistic campaign for President. I've concluded it has closed." A "Draft Biden 2016" PAC had been established when the vice-president considered running seriously, with Beau Biden's dying wish a challenge between Biden and Clinton for the Democratic nomination and subsequently, the run for presidency. Biden's passion and kindness was noted, stating that "No one should ever seek the presidency unless they're able to devote their whole heart and soul and passion into just doing that...And Beau was my soul. I just wasn't able to do that."

Don't get your hopes too high though. Biden has pursued presidency twice before dropping out of the 1988 and 2008 elections early. As Obama's second-in-command, his popularity climbed new altitudes with the "bromance" spurring Internet memes, impelling many to view him as one of the most powerful vice-presidents in American history. Although an age of 78 would mean that Biden would be the oldest presidential nominee by far, it could be feasible with his claim that he "would've been the best president" with feelings of regret for not running rippling through him "every day".

Last month's astonishing election result left his political party basking in the air of sadness due to a reduced populist connection with the American nation. Albeit Biden may not be deemed as impious as, let's say, Lyndon B. Johnson, Biden is more than willing to say precisely what's on his mind. Surprisingly enough, his comparatively blue collar image has remained at the right elbow of power, surviving a great eight years. Biden would be met with popularity in places such as the Rust Belt and the Appalachians where Clinton was unable to battle the fight against Trump's populist ways.

Thus, when it all comes together, you've got the perfect Presidential candidate for 2020. Trump had called Biden "Mr Tough Guy" when Biden said he wished he "could take (Mr Trump) behind the gym" after the President-elect openly talked about sexually assaulting women in the broadcasting of a vulgar video. If anything, perhaps he'd win an election against Trump today. Move over Trump. We've got Biden bid-ding for your spot as President (excuse the pun).