02/07/2014 07:32 BST | Updated 31/08/2014 06:59 BST

Why Road Trip 2015 Could Win the Election for the Tories

The next election is upon us and the Tories have a new weapon in their arsenal - it's called road trip 2015. This involves young future Tory politicians going out on the streets campaigning on issues that matter to local communities.

Is it working? Well many young activists who have worked hard on the Tory's 40/40 seats would answer yes. However some Labour youngsters also say that their young activists have a similar momentum.

The fight on these important battle grounds seem to be too close to call and with the Tory's having such a strong youth involvement it looks as if they could take the gold in 2015.

The sources from other party's do suggest they also have a strong youth wing of supporters, but the Tory's have taken this to the next level with party chairman Grant Shapps MP very much backing young people to make the change.

If this is true Labour need their own ideas on how to entice more young activists like the Tory's have so successfully done.

The issue has a bigger picture, questioning which party appeals to the youth of 2014.

Some would say David Cameron with his Liberal ideas, but others would say the cost of living is the most important issue to young people, with Labour making it their main priority going into 2015.

Either way the Tory's seem to be the party not just delivering on youth involvement but actually getting a broader mix of young people into the conservative movement.

I have been told these Road trip days consist of canvassing with the reward of curry and drinks at the end of the day. Perhaps if this argument is correct about this level of youth involvement deciding the election, then Ed Miliband needs to follow suit but maybe leave bacon sandwiches off the menu.