No Prime Minister - The UK Is More Secure Outside of the European Union

I invite the British public to take time to weigh up the issues, after which time I am confident that they will agree with me that the best choice for the safety of them and their families is to vote to leave the failing European Union project.

Our prime minister would have us believe that the UK is safer and more secure trapped within an undemocratic EU super-state than as a sovereign, independent nation. Indeed, it is now a key plank of his 'Project Fear' strategy to persuade us to vote to remain.

I find it shocking that he could be so disingenuous over so serious an issue as cross-border crime and the safety of the British public. If the UK public choose to leave the EU, we will be no less secure - in fact we will be safer than at present. The UK is signed up in its own right to all the key global crime-prevention organizations and this will not change upon Brexit.

Firstly, we will still be members of the world's largest international police organization (INTERPOL). We can work together to prevent cross-border crime and terrorism via the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and the World Customs Organisation (WCO).

We can work with our French neighbours via inter-governmental border agreements like the Le Touquet treaty and the Sangatte protocol. We can even sign a cooperation agreement with the EU's own law enforcement agency EUROPOL; just like non-EU countries like Australia, Norway and Switzerland have. In terms of military co-operation, will remain members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the UK-France Defence and Security Cooperation Treaty.

Leaving the EU is not the risk that Mr Cameron is trying to present. What does pose a risk to public safety are the illogical government cuts to the key services that protect our citizens and UK society. Despite clear evidence that the EU is under threat from the migration crisis and the huge volume of peoples being allocated EU entry and residency, our PM and his governments have consistently made bad decisions in the areas of justice and security.

Whether it be border control, policing or prison services, all have seen huge decreases in finance impacting to an almost unimaginable degree the resources that guarantee our daily peace of mind. If the British people decide to leave on June the 23rd, we could plough some of the savings from our eye-watering EU contributions into our police and security services.

If we vote to remain, our contributions are only likely to increase, leaving less in the pot for these vital areas. David Cameron is trying to present Brexit as a risk, while his own actions could be described as nothing less than national sabotage. No amount of concealment or political spin can hide from the public at large that this is the case.

Only a matter of a few weeks ago the media laid bare one instance of the scale of security risk now facing the UK, and I cite the head of Europol who said that: "Up to 5,000 jihadists have returned after ISIS training".

'Returned' means that they are now back on European soil, unconstrained to undertake whatever evil or malicious intent they may have, and comfortable in the knowledge that recourse to Human Rights legislation will protect their interests rather than that of their potential victims.

To cite Mr Cameron's well-worn and over used phrase 'let me be clear!'. What has happened on his watch and what he condones via continued EU membership represents far more of a security risk than anyone could possibly imagine, yet he continues to defend the misguided stance that only EU membership will provide the degree of public protection that is the pivotal responsibility of any government of HM the Queen.

In the words of the head of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe: "If you've got porous borders and you've got migrants coming through there's a risk that terrorists are hidden amongst them or people who become terrorists get hidden amongst them."

There was little in Mr Cameron's recent 'renegotiation' that would help contribute towards the safety and security of the UK - in fact there was little of substance at all. As I have said before, our membership of the European Union and associated acceptance of the 'free movement of people' principle means we are unable to prevent criminals arriving on our shores. Mr Cameron's 'deal' doesn't prevent this.

Only outside of the EU, will we be able to take steps to ensure British judges are not over-ruled by foreign courts who have been known to put the rights of criminals above those of their victims. This EU referendum deserves to be decided on facts, not fear. I invite the British public to take time to weigh up the issues, after which time I am confident that they will agree with me that the best choice for the safety of them and their families is to vote to leave the failing European Union project.


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