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The US and other countries will increase exports of liquified natural gas to Europe, but the continent can't quit its reliance on Russian supplies overnight.
After years of ignoring Afghanistan, many close to the Biden White House — and the president himself — feel some major American outlets are adopting a pro-war stance.
Biden will be the first person to read the President's Daily Brief in months — Trump hardly bothered with them.
The president may fire the FBI and CIA directors, and some sources told HuffPost they're worried Trump may start a war.
US national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin called her sources "unimpeachable" –unlike Trump.
Former PM says Brexit aide David Frost is a "political appointee".
One source described the nature of the calls between Trump and Putin as sounding like “two guys in a steam bath.”
David Frost's appointment as national security adviser means his Brexit negotiator role will be abolished around the end of summer.
Gavin Williamson accepts the appointment of David Frost as national security adviser was a political move.
PM's Brexit negotiator David Frost to become national security adviser, with a competition launched to fill Sedwill's cabinet secretary post.