01/02/2017 08:22 GMT | Updated 02/02/2018 05:12 GMT

Trump's Ban Will Not Work

Donald Trump's latest initiative to appease his supporters is not going to solve the war on terror or strengthen his relationship with the Muslim world. His 90 day ban for refugees and green card holders from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and Sudan has taken America back into the dark ages.

The ban is divisive as his plan to build the wall in Mexico. It's full blown discrimination. Trump's latest plan sounds like a failed advertising campaign directed by the KKK or any far right movement. He has failed to highlight what good will come out of it. If there was a ban applied to other religion or faith groups there would be uproar it wouldn't happen but in this instance it has been applied. It's prejudice to the highest core as it will prohibit genuine refugees, children in need of help, women fleeing persecution and families from seeing loved ones along with business and creatives from conducting their daily activities. The enforced ban depicts playground bullying conducted by an out of touch billionaire President who simply wants to implore his authority and power to discriminate against Muslim led countries for no apparent reason.

Iraqi born MP Nadhim Zahawi told Andrew Marr on the BBC's Andrew Marr Show "For the first time in my life last night, I felt discriminated against". Anyone with dual nationality will be affected by this ban. Imagine if you were born or affiliated to those countries, had to attend a funeral or planning a weekend trip to New York, you simply wouldn't be allowed to enter the US not because you committed a crime or did something wrong but based purely on your faith and religion. For anyone with a surname that originates from those countries no doubt they will also face interrogation by authorities. It simply goes against moral values and building a cohesive society. How will we be able to eradicate the war on terror? It simply opens the door for extremists and terrorists to promote their ethos of fear, hatred and discrimination.

There are stories of green card holders being handcuffed, asked their views on Trump and interrogated along with screenings of their social media accounts. Trump's ban has taken us back to the 1930's with his unorthodox rhetoric. If Muslims are banned from entering the US what next? If the US will ban Muslims will this be adopted by other countries. No doubt this will be applied by other nations. A poll conducted by a national UK news network revealed 34% support the ban. It has already got people thinking on whether the ban should be applied here in the UK and elsewhere. PM Theresa May should have condemned his actions but she has firmly distanced herself as we are placed in muddy waters with Brexit. For May it's imperative to build relationships, seek those all important deals to strengthen our US relationship that's far more superior than interfering in faith bans. It seems Trade is vital than international affairs concerning another country or helping displaced people from war torn or deprived countries.

Have we failed those countries by not condemning the ban? It has united the nation as thousands protested over May's decision to go ahead with Trump's state visit. The anti ban movement may have made some noise but has it prompted Trump to change his mind? Nope the ban is still in place. The whole situation is murky there are stories of people being detained and sent back on planes against their will. Yet again Muslims are being targeted for no apparent reason. Not all Muslims are terrorists. But Trump has been selective, he hasn't singled out Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia as those countries have probably dealt with him previously so they are exempt. Maybe more Trump Hotels in the pipeline.

Is it a wide spread Muslim ban? What is this all about? American values are on the line here and it certainly hasn't been blown out of proportion. Is it another Islamophobic attack or dislike towards particular countries? The ban clearly forms that mindset. It certainly doesn't bode well with strengthening relationships with Iran. Obama's hard work to restore relationships has now been set back by at least ten years. But this was on the cards, according to Seth Frantzman, Obama's administration selected those seven countries.

How will Americans and the rest of the world benefit from this ban? Nothing simply nothing will come out of this it will simply will do nothing and will weaken race and faith relations. The plan to crush the so called Islamic state won't be so easy as this will cause more distress and dislike towards America and the rest of the western world. It will reignite hatred for America and certainly will do Trump no favours.