15 Summer-Proof Products To Keep You Cool While You’re On The Go

The sun is no match for these super cooling (and affordable) buys.
These cooling buys will keep you cool and comfy, even on the commute.
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These cooling buys will keep you cool and comfy, even on the commute.

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Hot, sunny days can be totally blissful, but this summer (and its multitude of heatwaves) feels a little too much for a lot of us.

High temperatures are all well and good if you’re splashing in the sea or chilling out by the pool (we can dream, can’t we), but if you’re traveling about or stuck at work, the heat can be seriously bothersome, bordering on a health hazard. (Too much sun can lead to heatstroke, which, FYI, can be rather serious.)

For those of us carrying on as normal in this heat, there are things that can help make managing the warmer temps a little more bearable, even on your commute. We’ve narrowed down the products to keep you cool on the go – bag some of these cheap but invaluable buys to make it all a bit more bearable.

Instantly chill your drink with this icy cooler
Stash this in the office at work, so that once you arrive you can pour whatever drink you fancy into it. Whether it's water, a caffeine-boosting iced coffee, or a refreshing iced tea, this chiller will cool your room temp drink in under a minute.
This silent three-speed fan is perfect for wherever you are
This fan can be used anywhere there's a USB port, making it the ideal buy for staying cool on the go. Too hot on the tube? Plug it into a charging port or your laptop. FYI, it's a gamechanger.
This freezable bottle will keep your drink ice cold
On the hottest of days, a frozen drink will help you to stay hydrated. This double-walled flask, which can be safely frozen, features built-in insulation for ensuring your drink stays cool wherever you are.
This facial mist will instantly spritz your skin
Feeling the burn from the scalding heat? Whip this facial mist out and spritz yourself – you'll feel instantly cooler. This water-based, hypoallergenic spray is ultra gentle and free from any nasties, making it ideal for spraying from head to toe.
These sweat bands soak up sweat like a champ
There's nothing worse than having sweat drip down your face, leaving you wet, sticky and even more irritable. That's where a cotton sweatband can be a game-changer, keeping sweat at bay, and helping you to feel more comfortable whatever the heat.
This UV protecting brolly is the ideal way to beat the heat
Prevent yourself from overheating with this compact sun-blocking umbrella that's small enough to stash easily in your bag.
Wear what you want with this vegan chafing barrier balm
You want to wear a cooling, flowing sun dress, but the issue is that you always chafe. Instead of reaching for a pair of leggings, prep your skin with this anti-chafing rub and wear whatever the hell feels comfiest.
Think of this wearable fan as your personal cooling system
You're hot, you're sweaty and oh so irritable because you just can't seam to cool off. Enter, the wearable fan. This rechargeable mini fan fits perfectly around your neck and can be worn wherever you are, and FYI it's a heatwave winner.
This waterproof visor is super versatile
Whether you're splashing in the sea, sunbathing by the pool, or working out, this waterproof UPF 50+ cap is a godsend. It's light, breathable and designed to aid cooling. Pop this bad boy on for instant relief from the heat.
This floppy sun hat will shade your skin
With UPF 50+ UV protection, this sun hat will not only help you to stay cool, it’ll also protect your head and face from sun damage. The design is soft, comfortable and breathable – why keep it for the beach, we say wear it on your commute, too.
This water-activated chilly towel is a godsend
Stow this compact chilly towel in your bag and get it out whenever you feel the heat starting to get too much. Activated with water, this lightweight, durable towel helps you to take back control of your temperature, keeping you cool even on the hottest of days.
This bottle will keep your drink ice cold all day long
Fill this leak-proof, sweat-free double walled bottle with your favourite chilled drink and it will keep it cold for 24 hours, ensuring that you have access to a cold drink wherever you are. For an added chill factor, chuck some ice cubes in too.
Chill out with this wearable cooling ring
Say goodbye to neck sweat with this condensation-free, reusable cooling ring that fits perfectly around your neck. It's super simple to use and freezes at room temperature.
Keep your cans cool with these pretty printed sleeves
Planning on popping a can of your go-to drink in your bag but don't want it to get too warm? These freezable cooling sleeves could be the answer. Simply freeze and slide onto your can before stowing it in your bag.
This breathable mask will keep your face suitably cool
Made from ISO-Chill breathable material, this mask is ideal for wearing in warmer weather as it's designed to expel heat and remain breathable regardless of how hot it is outside.

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