I Hate To Tell You But Pests Have Probably Invaded Your Home – Here Are 18 Ways To Banish Rodents And Insects

It's now infestation season, and it you don't want to be overrun by unwanted visitors, it's worth checking out these handy buys.
Because why should you be sharing your home with unwanted visitors?
Because why should you be sharing your home with unwanted visitors?

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Fruit flies, moths, gnats, rodents, and spiders – just a few of the pesky visitors that can enter your house uninvited. And now that the weather has warmed up, it’s officially infestation season, so now is the time to take action before any unwanted visitors make themselves a little too at home.

Some may purchase rodent traps or tennis racket-like repellents to electrocute bugs, but for those who are on the hunt for a safer alternative when it comes to pest control, there are plenty of effective options.

Whether you’re needing to eliminate flies lurking around fruit, oust rodents burrowing away in your cavities, or stop moths ruining your clothes, all of these products have garnered glowing reviews from shoppers...

Repel all manner of pests with this ultrasonic plug-in
AMZ Brand’s Ultrasonic Pest Repeller has garnered high praise from shoppers for deterring insects and rodents from the home. It works by emitting ultrasound waves, which can only be heard by mice, rats, and critters, and wards them off entering. It has been said shoppers notice a huge difference within four to five weeks.
Relocate eight-legged invaders from your home with this grabber
If you’re like us, the word “spider” is enough to make you wince, so this spider catcher is a solution to help you get rid – without causing harm to the eight-legged insect. The 65cm arm helps you catch and relocate creepy crawlies, such as spiders, butterflies, moths, and more, safely and without getting too close to your nemesis.
Seal up gaps beneath doors to stop crawlies getting in
Prevention is a great place to start to combat uninvited guests from entering your home, and one prop we swear by is the draft excluder. It works in two ways, to reduce any drafts, while also blocking any gaps woodlice, spiders, and even slugs can use to creep into your home. It has a sticky back plastic, which makes it super simple to fit on the base of your front door, garden patio, or even window.
And stuff wire wool into exposed holes in your walls to stop mice and rats getting in
Mice and rats can get into the smallest of gaps, which is why this mice-grade Steel Wire Wool is a popular purchase for many shoppers. It has been described as being soft as cotton, which will not cause any harm to furry friends, but is still practical in blocking up holes to stop those pests from entering your humble abode.
Use this peppermint-infused spray to deter mice
You often hear of sprays for bugs, and not necessarily for rodents, until now. The RepellShield Mouse Repellent Spray works to deter rodents from your home without killing them, as the spray is infused with peppermint oil, which puts rodents off lurking in, or outside, your home.
And this one will help out with insects
We know we have mentioned avoiding harmful sprays to get rid of pesky insects, but Dr. Killigans Insecticide is different. This is a natural indoor pest control and pet-safe bug spray, which you can even use on your pets to get rid of fleas or ticks, as well as other bugs creeping into your home. It is made using natural clove and cottonseed oils to eliminate ants, moths, flies, cockroaches, fleas, silverfish, and more with ease.
This wearable piece of kit will stop mosquitoes from following you – inside and out
We love a new piece of jewellery, and this insect repellent bracelet is a welcome addition to our collection. This bracelet is ideal for those who can’t sit outside without being bitten by mosquitoes, and without dousing in bug-repellent spray. You can wear it on your wrist, ankle, or add it to a backpack to keep the bugs at bay. Each bracelet is coated with citronella oil, which is deet free, so it is safe for babies and adults.
Stop animals from invading your garden with this solar-powered repeller
We know bugs' natural habitats are outdoors, and while we don’t want to exterminate them, we do want them off our land, particularly when they wreak havoc with our garden. This Ultrasonic Fox Solar Animal Repeller is designed for outdoor use and works to deter foxes, cats, rats, birds, and other animals from our gardens. The solar-powered device releases a high-frequency sound and light to ward off any uninvited guests.
Stop birds from ruining your newly-sown seed with this harmless tape
Gardeners know all too well how annoying it can be when you have sown grass seeds, or flowers, in your garden, only for pigeons to come along and eat them. You can’t keep shooing them away, so why not opt for this Bird Repellent Scare Tape, which is completely harmless. This creation is thick, long-lasting, as well as tear and weather resistant. The holographic tape works to deter birds from the target area, whether it is your garden, roof, AC system, car, or other areas. The tape reflects the sunlight, and makes a noise when hit by the wind, for the optimum deterrent.
Stop moths ruining your wardrobe with these scented hangers
Moths are another annoying pest we are desperate to get out of our homes - in particular our wardrobes, where they can certainly leave their mark by ruining plenty of clothes. Of course, moth balls have been recommended but they leave a lingering smell, which is why Viro’s Moth Repellent is a preferred alternative. Each hanger can provide effective treatment for up to three months, as moths are deterred by the fresh lavender scent. Place them in your drawers, storage boxes, or as a hanger in your wardrobe to wave goodbye to moths.
Or put this lavender scented pouch in your wardrobe or drawers
This fragrance bags is natural moth repellent that you can either hang in your wardrobe or leave in your drawers to ward off the little critters. Scented with lavender, patchouli, lemongrass, and eucalyptus, it will also leave your clothes smelling lovely.
Lure pesky ants away from your home with this station
Ants may be small, but they come in swarms and are often difficult to swat away. This bait station works to get rid of ants, and their nests “in days”, according to Amazon’s description. It can be used indoors, or outside, which is great for those who have been badly hit by these pesky insects. The AntClear Control Station has been made from soil bacterium and flower extract to lure in the ants, and away from your home.
There’s a real buzz about this wasp-repelling buy
Wasp nests are a headache to remove, and you have to call in the experts to remove them, which consequently brings an added cost too. But Plai’s Natural Wasp Repellent is a welcome alternative, which can save you the hassle, pests, and pennies. It works by giving the illusion of a real wasp nest, which deters wasps from building their own as they tend to keep a distance of 200ft, or more.
Eliminate fruit flies with this fuss-free trap
Flies really can drive us potty, from the sound to them wafting in our faces, or over our food. Terro’s Fruit Fly Trap works to eliminate fruit flies with ease and is non-toxic too. All you do is place this apple-shaped trap in a desired location, whether it is in the fruit bowl, by the washing, bins, or wherever, and let it work its magic.
There's no meshing about with this mosquito solution
In the summer there are plenty of bugs flying about, but it is annoying when they come into your home. Solution? This mosquito netting can be customised to fit your window or patio doors. The genius thing about this creation is it lets air flow in, and is self-adhesive, which means it is easy to fit, but keeps bugs safely out.
Trap mice and rats in this humane trap
We are not fond of mouse or rat traps, but equally we don’t want rodents in our home. However, the Bxlive mouse trap is a welcome alternative to resolve the issue. This humane mouse trap requires no poison, glue or electricity and ensures the furry friend is safe and can be relocated elsewhere – outside of your home. The eco and pet-friendly design features five air gaps to ensure the mouse can breathe inside, while the sensor pedal and lever system can detect when the mouse is in the cage and shuts the door safely behind.
Fend off mosquitos and bugs with citronella candles
Citronella-scented props have long been advised to deter mosquitos and bugs from your home, and nibbling you. These candles are made from real citronella, are deet free, and burn for up to four hours each, so you can sit outside without being bitten to death.
Keep flies away from your outdoor buffet
There is nothing worse than dining al fresco, only to find flies have made their way onto your feast, which is why the Pop Up Screen Cover Tents are a must-buy. These nets work as a deterrent for fruit flies and are super fuss-free, perfect for those who are eco-conscious and do not want any harm coming to those winged creatures.