Hayfever Season Is Here And If You're Suffering Already, Here Are 19 Soothing Items That Will Help

Itchy and watery eyes? Constant sneezing? I know the struggle.
We've got you covered.
We've got you covered.

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Many people look forward to this time of year, with sunnier days meaning more outdoor plans. But for hay fever sufferers it means one thing – the dreaded pollen season.

With hayfever symptoms starting from as early as March, you might’ve noticed that your eyes have been a little scratchy or you’ve started sneezing some more, but with the peak yet to come, it’s time to get stocked up on some soothing products.

From eye drops and mists, to acupressure bands and cold compresses, we’ve found it all. So don’t dread the season ahead – get ahead of the game and wave goodbye to watery eyes, a runny nose, and that constant flow of tissues...

These antihistamine allergy relief tablets will be your go-to all season long
The true OG. These maximum-strength antihistamines offer up to 24-hour relief from hayfever symptoms, putting a stop to sneezing, itching, and watery and sore eyes.
Clear your home of pollen with this three-stage mini air purifier (and diffuser)
Unfortunately, pollen can make its way into your home – on your washing, shoes, clothes, hair, and skin, as well as through open windows – meaning it can be difficult to get relief from your symptoms, even indoors. That’s where an air purifier can come in, filtering pollen (and other allergens) out of the air in your home.
Eye drops are a handbag must-have during hay fever season
For reducing hay fever-induced eye redness and soreness, these hydrating eye drops are a real winner.
This acupressure arm band aims to alleviate your symptoms
This drug-free natural product works solely by stimulating an acupressure point close to the elbow. Aiming to unblock the pathways to your nose and throat, alleviating unwanted symptoms.
This nasal spray (that smells like flowers but actually works)
For hay fever symptoms, nasal sprays can be a real godsend. My doctor actually recommended this to me instead of tablets – a spritz or two up each nostril quickly soothes itchiness, reduces congestion and sneezing, and puts a stop to watery eyes.
Soothe burning, itchy, and watery eyes with this allergy relief spray
Not a fan of eye drops? To soothe and refresh itchy, irritated eyes, give this innovative eye mist a try instead. Simply spritz on closed eyelids for instant relief.
This NasalGuard gel blocks airborne allergy particles
Upgrade your pollen defence with this handy filter gel that blocks you from inhaling airborne particles. Apply just a pea-sized amount around your nose and upper lip and go about your day as normal. It's really that simple.
Cleanse your face with these handy hayfever wipes
Pollen can stick to your face making hay fever symptoms worse – which is where these handy wipes come in. Infused with 99% pure water, these dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested wipes quickly remove pollen from your skin, including around your nose and eyes. For tackling pollen on the go, honestly, they’re game-changing.
These gentle biodegradable wipes are super sensitive and designed with eyes in mind
While hay fever wipes are great, they aren’t suitable for use on the eyelids or near the waterline, whereas these individually sealed sterile wipes can be used to safely remove pollen (and debris) from your lid and lashes. I have these at home and they’re a great buy.
Cool your eyes with this hydrating and revitalising Simple roller
When your eyes are feeling a little sensitive after a day of rubbing them, this sensitive eye gel can be a great way to reduce puffiness and revitalise skin.
These soothing chamomile teabags act a natural antihistamine
Chamomile acts as an antioxidant and a natural antihistamine, reducing inflammation, so if your throat and nose are feeling itchy, brewing a cup could help make you feel better. Instead of an overly processed chamomile tea, opt for one made from whole flowers like this one.
Give your face a cooling refresh with these stainless steel cryro sticks
These cryo sticks are a great tool for reducing allergy-related puffiness, particularly under and around the eyes. Made from stainless steel and filled with a non-toxic cooling gel, for best results pop them in the freezer two hours before you want to use them.
This drug-free balm traps pollen (as well as dust and pet-related allergens), making it a great drug-free hay fever preventer
A little of this natural, organic formula goes a long way – simply dot around the edge of each nostril to block pollen from entering your nose. I have this myself and it’s one of my favourite hay fever go-tos.
Cleanse the room of any allergen particles with this handy room spray
This room spray, packed with essential oils, works to cleanse the room by trapping and neutralising any irritating allergens – from grass and trees to pets and dust.
Try a spoonful of this unpasteurised honey to keep symptoms at bay
You’d think honey would make your hay fever worse, wouldn’t you? But there are a lot of anecdotal studies that suggest that eating raw honey can actually reduce your symptoms by desensitising you to pollen (FYI, there isn’t any solid scientific evidence but it's worth a try, right?)
Help get a better night's sleep with these anti-allergy pillows
Getting a good night's sleep and having hay fever certainly don't go hand in hand, but investing in some anti-allergy pillows might just help. These pillows are useful as they're less likely to let pollen get in and can be easily washed, dried, and back on your bed in no time.
Complete the set with this Silentnight anti-allergy duvet
Keep your bed feeling fresh and clean with this anti-allergy duvet. Filled with anti-bacterial fibres, ideal for those suffering from allergies, this duvet provides the ultimate comfort. You can also pop it in the wash to help remove any pollen particles.
Relieve your eyes with this reusable cold gel compress mask
This reusable cold eye compress has smart self-cooling fabric that keeps it fresh for longer, and is an effective option for soothing itchy, inflamed, and puffy eyes. On days where it feels like your eyes are swollen and sore, this cooling mask, which comes with a removable and washable cover, is a total godsend.
Get set with the ultimate hay fever relief with this three pack bundle
This bundle of three pollen-combatting products from Nuage will ensure you're all set to take on the hay fever season. With a barrier balm, refreshing face mist, and a cooling gel eye mask, all working to reduce inflammation, irritation, and discomfort, these are perfect for popping in your bag or on your bedside table.