21 Products That Definitely Deserve More Hype Considering Just How Useful They Are

We're giving them their time to truly shine.
Yes, that is a burger holder.
Yes, that is a burger holder.

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We’re all a bit guilty of always staying in our comfort zone, or going back to knowing what we know and like, whether it’s a trusty skincare product that’s been in your routine for years or you do things as you’ve always done.

But, there’s a whole realm of quality underrated products out there that you likely haven’t tried, from burger holders to lip exfoliators, and car dehumidifiers to 3-in-1 serrated butter knives.

So listen up, because here are 21 products that deserve their time to shine...

This Jospeh Joseph dish draining rack is a kitchen staple
For those of us with limited counter space, this Joseph Joseph expandable dish rack will come in very handy. Boasting raised prongs, a moveable cutlery drainer, and an integrated plug, you can simply extend when needed to fit more items.
Get a quick moisture boost with these easy to whack on moisturiser stick
This moisturiser stick from Shakeup Cosmetics is ideal if you're on the go. It's designed for portability and works great if you need a quick hydration hit after a workout.
Upgrade your lint roller to this effective garment cleaning brush
OXO's garment cleaning brush will get rid of stubborn fluff and hairs that cling to your clothes – it's genius, especially if you're a pet owner.
This wrist rest will have you championing working from home
Even though you've probably already heard of a wrist rest, I can assure you this one has made working from home so much more comfortable.
Looking for a exfoliator? This hydrating one from Elemis does the trick
This Elemis rose exfoliator will gently smooth your skin, buffing away dirt and dead skin cells, revealing a youthful and radiant finish.
These food spikes will transform from a houseplant killer to a loving plant parent
These clever food spikes will give your plants the nutrients they need to thrive, so you can say goodbye to yellow, droopy leaves.
You might've heard of purple shampoo for blonde hair, but this Aussie blue shampoo is for the brunettes
I don't believe that this Aussie SOS blue shampoo gets the hype it deserves. It will tone brunette hair while maintaining its vibrancy.
Reduce split ends, frizz, and damage with this hair-friendly organic jersey towel
My colleague Valeza loves this microfibre hair towel from Good Wash Day. It'll absorb excess water in your hair without making it go frizzy.
This nifty 3-in-1 serrated knife is a gamechanger
If there's ever been a problem-solving product more deserving of a TikTok-famous following, it would be this butter knife. The slotted holes make it easier for even butter straight out of the fridge to become spreadable.
Release your inner glow with this e.l.f primer
Move over HydroGrip primer – my colleague Amy swears by e.l.f's illuminating primer that will give you a peachy, dewy glow without that waxy feeling.
Speaking of glow, this illuminating enhancer is a must-have
I haven't heard enough people talk about L'Oreal's Lumi Glotion. You can wear it alone or under foundation for a fresh and healthy-looking base.
No more sitting and waiting for your car windscreen's condensation to clear with this clever dehumidifier
We love this dehumidifier here on the shopping team. It absorbs excess condensation in your vehicle to keep your windscreen clear.
Step up your self-care routine with this delicious Dove body scrub
Dove's exfoliating body scrub not only smells delicious, but it also works to gently remove and nourish dull, dry skin.
Soothe and condition chapped lips with this exfoliating stick balm
Speaking of exfoliation, e.l.f's balm is designed to get your lips feeling smooth and nourished. No more sticky fingers, this lip exfoliator also comes in a super handy lipstick applicator.
Introducing the burger holder, no description needed
You've heard of sauce holders for your car, so let me introduce the burger holder. It lets you enjoy your food without getting greasy hands, and the filling won't fall out into your car.
Step up your skincare game with this smoothing Inkey List serum
If that's not enough to impress you, Amy also recommends The Inkey List's Polyglutamic acid. Mix it in with your foundation and look how your makeup glides on, without settling into creases or looking cakey.
You'll never be sorry about carrying this blister stick in your bag, in case of shoe emergencies
If you must know one thing about me, let it be the fact that I refuse to leave the house without my trusty anti-blister stick in hand. The balm lessens the friction between your foot and shoe, thus no blisters.
Enhance your natural lashes with this easy and comfortable lash curler
As someone who used to fear eyelash curlers, this one from Brushworks has become a makeup routine staple.
Soothe razor burns and prevent ingrown hairs with these AHA and BHA pads
If you find yourself trying to tackle ingrown hairs and razor burns, get your hands on these First Aid Beauty pads that gently exfoliate the skin.
Nourish your skin as you sleep with this overnight rice mask
This COSRX overnight rice mask is designed to intensely moisturise your skin, leaving you with calmer, more hydrated skin in the morning.
This breathable anti-chafing gel has highly-rated reviews, and I know why
I know we've only just made it into spring, but once summer comes calling I predict you'll be grateful for this anti-chafing gel.