17/08/2018 06:00 BST

5 Cute Animal Pictures To End The Week: From Tiny Flamingos To A Very Podgy Cat

Happy Friday :)

This week has been a bit grey after what felt like a very long (and sometimes unbearably hot) heatwave took over much of the UK.  

So to cheer you up, we’ve rounded up our top five cute animal pictures of the week to get you geared up for the weekend. 


1. Homeless Bruno, who has the best pose in town.

Isn’t Bruno just the best? He certainly has the baddest pose we’ve seen for a while. The 7-year-old moggie is homeless and weighs a whopping 25 pounds. Because he’s homeless he’s currently being looked after by Wright Way Rescue in Illinois, USA, who say he likes to be near people and talk “a LOT.”

He also likes to stand on his hind legs and be petted while he eats. 

Wright Way Rescue

Good luck Bruno, we hope you find your forever home soon.

2. Daisy and Luna, who are possibly the cutest duo we’ve ever seen. 

Daisy, the puppy with the white face, doesn’t like being in the car. So her pal Luna comforts her until they both fall asleep. What a good dog.

3. These 21 fluffy flamingo chicks that hatched at Chester Zoo.

Chester Zoo

21 Caribbean flamingo chicks have hatched at Chester Zoo since June, bringing the total number of flamingos currently at the zoo to 120. The team at the zoo have been busy hand-feeding them since and will give them round-the-clock attention for the next five weeks. 

The chicks are all white or grey in colour, resembling little balls of cotton wool, but they will each develop pink feathers at around six months old. 

4. This saucy little hound. 


5. This new breed of crocodile. 

Impersonating a crocodile is a rare skill, but this black and white pooch nails it.

The video, shared on Twitter, shows the dog floating around with his nose poking out of the water and it’s already been viewed more than 10 million times.