5 Cute Animals To End The Week: Penguins Gatecrash Sushi Stand, Plus A Bearded Baby Walrus

Smile and wave boys. Smile and wave. 🐧👋

This week I was left utterly speechless by the photo of diver dwarfed by a massive jellyfish just off the coast of Cornwall. Can confirm I won’t be going in the sea anytime soon.

Meanwhile a study of more than 19 million cats in North America confirmed cats are getting fatter. They are heavier now than in the 1990s, according to researchers, who added that they’re continuing to gain weight up until they’re eight years old. Now, researchers are figuring out how to curb feline obesity.

With the hard-hitting jellyfish and cat news out of the way, here are five stories, photos and videos we simply loved this week.

Getty Images / HuffPost UK

1. Penguins Gatecrash Sushi Stand.

Police in New Zealand faced a fishy request this week when they were called out to remove two tiny blue penguins from underneath a sushi food truck. Hilariously, one of the penguins had already met the police before.

Constable John Zhu was called to retrieve one penguin on a road at 8.40pm on Saturday night and, with the help of some members of the public, the penguin was returned to sea. But alas, this tale (or should I say, tail) is far from over. The following morning at 6.35am, police received another report of the penguin – this time with an accomplice – near Wellington Railway Station.

When they arrived, they found the penguins nesting underneath a sushi food truck near the station (clever). A local zoo was contacted and, with some inter-agency cooperation, the adventurous pair were released back into the harbour.

They’ll be back for those California rolls.

2. Baby Walrus Has A Better Beard Than You.

Images of a baby walrus emerged this week with a pretty impressive wealth of facial hair. Hulk Hogan eat your heart out.

The 68-kilogram walrus calf was born to mum Kaboodle and dad Garfield at SeaWorld Orlando. Both mum and her well-whiskered baby are said to be doing well.

Sea World Orlando

3. Cat’s Insta Game Is Off The Charts.

The perfect photo doesn’t exi... No, no it does.

World, meet Suki the cat – a beautiful Bengal who I’m borderline obsessed with. Suki has a whopping 1.5m followers on Instagram and it’s no surprise really. Her human owner, Marti Gutfreund, does a lot of travelling, which means the gorgeous kitty is often pictured in stunning locations around the world.

Just look at those ocean eyes.

4. Footballers With Animals Is The Twitter Account You Need To Follow Right Now.

If you’re fed up of your Twitter feed, prepare to meet your saviour. From adorable dogs, to cats and birds – footballers have (in their droves) been photographed with animals over the years. Quite frankly, we stan this Twitter account that’s committed to providing us with evidence of such a phenomenon.

5. Police Officer And Cat Team Up For Viral Gold.

Pictured: a police officer helping a curious cat cross the road safely.

Not pictured: the cat deciding it wanted to cross back over (again and again) and the police officer having to stand there and be its road-crossing-minion-assistant forevermore. Cat owners will know...