5 Easy Gym Hairstyles That Will Still Look Fresh Post-Workout

A ponytail is not your only option.

We often find ourselves with a multitude of reasons to put off going to the gym, so anything we can do to overcome those hurdles is going to instantly improve our commitment to fitness.

It may be embarrassing to admit that fear of struggling with our hair is one of the reasons, but (let’s face it) we’ve all been there.

After all, nobody likes the idea of spending precious minutes on hair styling after a gruelling gym session. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Well, fear no more, as we’ve put together a round-up of five easy hairstyles to rock at the gym, that will look equally fresh post-workout.

A ponytail is not your only option
A ponytail is not your only option
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Short And Sweet

Twist the hair at your temples away from your face and towards the nape of your neck. Using hair grips, pin each strand.

Aiming for the nape as opposed to the higher central point at the back of your head will help keep your hair in place for longer.

Feel free to use more than one hair grip per side - some of us have to.

Another tip is to scrunch the rest of your hair into a quick, messy bun during workout, especially if you don’t want sweaty hair.

Release post-workout for a fuss-free hairstyle.

Take inspiration from this ’do by Beautiful Morning.

Naturally Done

Any naturalista worth their salt will be (over) familiar with the chunky twists look.

Usually en route to a twist-out, the look can be worn as a style in its own right (with a little care when preparing).

While it may take slightly more time to put together, it’s worth the effort because it can last up to three days. (Afros need less frequent washes as they don’t become greasy as quickly as other hair types).

The best part is, once you’re bored of the twisted ’do, you can undo them for the perfect ’fro. A look that is also easy during a workout.

We love this example by Will On A Whim.

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Moose Be Quick

If your hair is shoulder length and you’re doing gentler exercise, it’s worth enlisting the help of a moose.

Just apply a little moose to your hair pre- and post-workout for glossy wavy locks. (Try this Aveda styling foam, £17.)

The moose will add a slight stiffness to your tresses - a good thing on this occasion, at it will prevent it from flopping about your face.

What’s more, you’ll look good throughout. Ideal for on-the-go fitness stints.

The Prissy Hippie Beauty Shop has got wavy hair inspo nailed.

Braided Bunch

If Germanic braids is your go-to gym look, why not switch it up with this cute adaption.

Plait your hair into one a very loose braid starting halfway up your head at your left temple and culminating on the other side of your head.

Next, snap a hairband over the back of your head and tuck loose bits in wherever suits.

Braided Lifestyle is a great source of plait inspiration.

Ballerina Bun

There’s nothing like an expertly styled ‘chignon’ to don during a workout. Not only does this keep your hair out of your face, it also looks instantly chic.

This is ideal for those moments you ‘forget’ to have that post-gym hair wash because you’re rushing and a quick rinse will have to do.

Practice making this style look effortlessly put together, so it’s not as tight as a real ballerina’s bun, but not exactly scrunchy-ville either.

We love blogger Izzy Ann Whit’s style.

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