AJ Odudu Says Relationship Rumours With Strictly Partner Kai Have Killed Chances Of Finding Romance

The Strictly Come Dancing pair's chemistry has sparked plenty of speculation they could be more than just dance partners.
Kai Widdrington and AJ Odudu
Kai Widdrington and AJ Odudu
Ray Burmiston/BBC via PA Media

AJ Odudu has admitted that appearing on Strictly Come Dancing has killed her chances of romance.

The TV presenter and her dance partner Kai Widdrington have been at the centre of rumours that they are dating throughout the series, and they pair have stunned viewers with their chemistry on the dance floor.

As a result, AJ has told The Sun that she hasn’t been getting many offers from potential suitors.

“Oh my gosh, my direct messages are dry,” she said. “I’ve not had one direct message from a potential suitor, that is not happening.”

Asked why she thinks any man who might be interested hasn’t messaged, AJ joked: “He’s witnessed me wrap my legs around Kai every single week!”

AJ and Kai's routines have sparked speculation they are dating
AJ and Kai's routines have sparked speculation they are dating
Keiron McCarron/BBC via PA Media

Neither AJ or Kai have confirmed or denied reports that romance has blossomed between them since they were paired up for the show back in September.

However, AJ once again showered her partner in praise during her latest interview, claiming that he’s “going to be in my life forever”.

She said: “We just have the best time. He’s a family man, he’s someone who takes care of his family, his friends. He’s a real gentleman. He really, really is.

“And I think that’s what’s beautiful about him as well. I feel like we share the same ethics, in the same way that I’m speaking to my mum before the show, he’s got his mum and dad on FaceTime and his grandad before the show, his brother. I kind of feel part of his family.”

The pair have performed a number of romantic routines
The pair have performed a number of romantic routines
Guy Levy/BBC via PA Media

AJ previously said she found it “exciting” that people were interested in her and Kai enough to “take note of all of these things”.

“The way I see it is, everyone can see how well we’re getting on and how hard we’re working in order to try our best each and every week to put in a solid performance.”

After being asked outright whether there was any truth to the rumours, she responded: “Well, one thing that is definitely for sure is, we are doing a lot of dancing.”

Strictly Come Dancing continues on Saturday at 7.05pm on BBC One.

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