19/01/2017 09:36 GMT

Pregnant Alex Jones 'Shocked' At Size Of Baby Bump After Catching Reflection In A Mirror


Alex Jones was shocked when she caught sight of a reflection of her baby bump in a mirror.

‘The One Show’ host, 39, who is currently pregnant with her first child, said she was stunned, even though she’s “grown it herself”.

“Still not fed up of bump though,” she wrote on Instagram. “I think I’ll miss it when the time comes.” She used the hashtags #countdownison #nearlyreadytopop #pregnancy and #hugeandproud.

The photo encouraged Jones’ fans to reminisce about their own baby bumps.

“Cherish your bump as much as possible,” one mother wrote. “I loved being pregnant and growing my little baby.”

Another commented: “Beautiful, I miss my bump. You look amazing.”

Others decided to predict when they thought Jones would give birth.

“I predict next Wednesday you’ll have your little one,” one person wrote.

A fan disagreed, writing: “You are going to pop any day now - maybe even tomorrow!”

Jones, who announced she and her husband Charlie Thomson were expecting their first child in September 2016, has been sharing pregnancy photos on Instagram over the past couple of months.

She recently posted a photo of her favourite “stretchy” dungarees that were “saving her life”.

“Stretchy is key at this point in the game,” she wrote.

A photo posted by Alex Jones (@alexjonesthomson) on

Jones and her husband have also been busy getting the house ready for their new arrival, building the crib.

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