12/09/2017 16:29 BST

Women Have Pointed Out Some Major Flaws With This Hillary Clinton-Inspired Hashtag To 'Amplify Women'


A US TV writer’s social media campaign to support women and pay homage to Hillary Clinton has spectacularly backfired after he was accused of sexism.

In a Twitter thread, Steve Marmel, who has worked on animated shows such as The Fairly OddParents and Family Guy, explained to his followers that he was only going to retweet women on the day Clinton released her newest book, What Happened, on her unsuccessful presidential campaign run against Donald Trump.

However, many women have objected to the idea they should be retweeted just because of their gender, as well as the suggestion that it takes the assistance of a man to get their own voices heard.

Some did thank Steve for his efforts, though.

Clinton has repeatedly been told by critics to go away and keep quiet about her election loss, something she has ignored with the publication of her latest book and its accompanying book tour.

Fans in New York even queued up overnight outside Barnes and Noble book store to get the chance to meet the former Secretary of State at her first official book signing of the tour.