12/03/2017 17:57 GMT | Updated 12/03/2017 18:15 GMT

Andrew Marr Loses It With Camera Crew On Sunday Show

Oh dear.

Andrew Marr unintentionally offered a rare glimpse behind the scenes of his flagship politics show on Sunday, admonishing his production crew when he thought the cameras had stopped recording.

The BBC presenter was finishing an interview with Tory David Davis when he had a bit of trouble locating which camera he was supposed to sign off to.

Gesturing left and right he mumbled “sorry, beg your pardon” as the introduction to The Big Questions with Nicky Campbell began in the background.

Thinking the cameras had switched to the next show an angry grimace spread across his face and viewers were treated to the beginning of what can only be assumed was quite a telling off.

Oh dear.

Meanwhile there was discussion about actual politics on the show.

A report from the Foreign Affairs Select Committee released this morning claimed the Government would be guilty of a “dereliction of duty” if the UK left the EU without being fully prepared for life on World Trade Organisation rules.

Committee chair Crispin Blunt appeared on Marr to hammer home the point, saying leaving the EU with no deal would have “serious implications for businesses and individuals.”

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