Angela Rayner Points Out A Very Obvious Problem With Nadine Dorries' Endorsement Of Libraries

Successive Tory governments have closed 800 libraries since 2010.
Labour's Angela Rayner and culture secretary Nadine Dorries
Labour's Angela Rayner and culture secretary Nadine Dorries

Angela Rayner pointed out that a large flaw in Nadine Dorries’ new attempts to encourage people to go to libraries.

Rayner, Labour’s deputy leader, noted that hundreds of libraries have closed since the Conservatives were voted into power back in 2010, after the newly appointed culture secretary Dorries endorsed them on Sunday.

Dorries tweeted: “It doesn’t matter where you’re from – a library card is a ticket to anywhere in the world.

“It’s a chance to escape poverty, to broaden your horizons, to change your life, even.”

Dorries has promised £5 million will be available to upgrade library services in February and that she will be tackling councils who try to shut them down.

She told the Daily Express: “If I have one mission as culture secretary it’s to open doors for those who need it the most.

“Libraries are the front line for that effort and I’ll press councils hard to invest in libraries because of the enormous value they provide.”

Rayner was quick to point out that “800 libraries” have closed since the Conservatives went into power – although it’s worth noting that Dorries has only been in government since 2019.

Rayner has not been shy to criticise the Conservatives in recent weeks, and infamously called the goverment “Tory scum” during Labour’s annual party conference.

However Dorries has been at the centre of more than a few scandals over her past since becoming culture secretary, including accusations of homophobia and racism.

Few were impressed with Dorries’ decision to back to libraries, either.

Comic and author James Felton tweeted in response: “Did all the councils suddenly and coincidentally go ‘ah fuck libraries’ or were there some sort of other financial pressure they all faced weird around the time the Tories got in, Nadine?”


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