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The Labour leader defended his deputy as she faces questions over her tax affairs.
James Daly, deputy chairman of the Conservative Party, made the complaint to police that has led to an official investigation.
Deputy Labour leader faces a police investigation after a complaint from a senior Tory.
Labour deputy leader faces questions over whether she broke electoral law.
The deputy Labour leader said she will publish the last 15 years of her tax returns if senior Tories do the same.
The chancellor is under pressure to come up with pre-election sweeteners to help turn around the Tories' chances.
Michael Gove is reportedly in talks with Tory rebels unhappy with the plans.
Labour has accused the levelling up secretary of hatching a "grubby deal" with Conservative MPs.
Labour's deputy leader said going backwards on LGBTQ+ rights is not the path for electoral success.
A clip of the incident shows the shadow chancellor was incensed at the interruption.