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The party's deputy leader has failed to retweet the controversial posts.
"Celebrating four bathing sites, on an island nation that should have thousands of sewage free sites, is not a win.”
Labour blasts "obscene rewards for failure" in hand out of peerages after ex-prime minister's budget caused financial meltdown.
The party leader's aides have been accused of "control freakery" over how the next cohort of MPs are chosen.
Dossier reveals lavish spending on government debit cards.
The controversial legislation aims to ensure there are minimum working standards during strike days across six sectors, including health and transport.
The controversial legislation could see nurses sacked for taking part in industrial action.
Members of Parliament found themselves caught up in porn scandals, Spice Girl beef and jungle life. And that's just the Tories.
The deputy Labour leader also said Mick Lynch has been doing a "good job".
Labour's deputy leader's DJ set won over the public (unlike Hancock's recent karaoke attempt).