5 Of The Very Best Moments Animals Gave Us This Week

Proof that not everything is bad right now.
Vincent Balsamo via Getty Images

There are lots of pretty daunting headlines circulating at the moment, so we’ve put together the top animal moments from the past week to cheer you up.

You’re very welcome.

1. A family reunion which will give you all the feels

Who would have thoughts chimps can make you feel so many things?

According to the BBC, a pregnant chimp had to go through a Caesarean to deliver her baby. The pair were subsequently separated shortly after birth as the infant needed to put on oxygen for a short time.

Keepers then placed the baby in the middle of her mum’s enclosure when she was well enough. For one devastating moment, it looked like the adult wasn’t going to recognise her own kid – until she suddenly realises just who is wrapped up in the bundle of blankets.

C’mon, who doesn’t feel a small tug at their heartstrings at this clip?

2. The world’s oldest living cat gets the props she deserves

Flossie is almost 27 – and a cat.

And this week, the Guinness World Records and the charity Cats Protection officially dubbed her the “world’s oldest living cat”.

She was passed into the care of some volunteers last year when her owner could no longer support her, but she was soon given a new home by experienced senior cat carer, Vicki Green, who lives in southeast London.

Both owner and cat are the same age, although 27 in cat years is allegedly equal to around 124 human years according to Omni Calculator.

According to her new owner, Flossie is “affectionate, playful and sweet”, (although age does mean she is deaf with eyesight problems).

The oldest cat ever was a bit older though – Creme Puff lived to 38 and three days old, in the US, so Flossie still has some way to go yet.

3. A walrus has a fun Friday night

This rather large mammal was seen at the port of Dieppe in Normandy, France, last Friday, where it stayed until returning to the water on Saturday morning.

This is pretty unusual, as the sea mammal is usually found in the Arctic circle, in Greenland, Russia or Alaska – not mainland Europe.

But Normandy officials said it did not appear to show any signs of ill health, and appeared to just be having a little rest.

Authorities also put up a safety perimeter to protect it and the public were urged not to approach.

All seemed well in the end, as the walrus happily swam off after enjoying a little coastal R’n’R.

4. An uninvited guest makes an appearance

“What am I to do with a bloody fox?” A question we’d probably all ask if we came home to find this little cutie on their kitchen counter.

Well, this is exactly what happened when a family in the UK left their door open by accident while going on a dog walk.

One person even gave the fox a scratch behind the ears, while someone off-screen said: “Oh, he likes it!”

Unfortunately, it did create a bit of havoc around the kitchen... but, amazingly, one person was brave enough to pick the fox up and put it in the garden, where it ran off happily.

5. These puppies have a day of it

And finally, over in the US, a puppy race goes off with a... whimper, as none of the baby doggos feel like running around.

Actually, they felt like rolling around – and that’s exactly what they did.

Probably not the promotion the pro basketball team the Indiana Pacers or the suppliers PetSmart had envisioned, but we’d still say it was a success in some ways.