08/09/2016 12:29 BST

Tweeters Share Hilarious Ways They Would Annoy Donald Trump With Just Three Words

"Short-fingered vulgarian" is a tried and tested classic.

Human Dorito Donald Trump has a notoriously short temper and has been known to become easily enraged by even the simplest of comments.

Twitter users have decided to tap into this with the #AnnoyTrumpIn3Words hashtag, which started trending overnight.

Jokesters used the hashtag to reel off short phrases that would easily spark anger in the Republican presidential candidate.

Some referenced his flagship policy of a wall along the US-Mexican border

Others tapped into his inability to resonate with minority voters

And his temperamental hairstyle

Some also mentioned his adoration for Vladimir Putin

Of course, there was also a myriad of tweets relating to his floundering campaign against Hillary Clinton

And references to his penchant for bending the truth

If you want to share how you would make Donald Trump fly off the handle, tweet your three word phrase with the hashtag #AnnoyTrumpIn3Words.

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