AQA English Literature Exam Has People Wishing They Were Lennie From Of Mice And Men

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Hundreds of thousands of students came out of their GCSE English Literature exam with pretty mixed emotions on Monday.

Some people had a great time.

Yet for others, the exam was more of a traumatic experience.

A question about the American Dream in Of Mice And Men prompted serious sarcasm

An Inspector Calls had people making Shelia and Gerald comparisons

Some people 'couldn't even fill in the front page'

And the poem was just *weird*

And the post-exam pun game was strong

Last week, students reacted with utter dismay after their AS-level Maths exam left them confused and more than a little irritated, with some declaring the paper had “destroyed” their future.

AQA said at the time: "Exams aren’t meant to be easy".