24/02/2018 19:08 GMT | Updated 24/02/2018 19:24 GMT

18 Insights Into Donald Trump's World From Armando Iannucci's Interview With Michael Wolff

'I think now until November may well be the bloodiest time in this administration.'

Armando Iannucci sat down with Michael Wolff in London last night to discuss all things Donald Trump.

The Fire and Fury author is on a world tour following the phenomenal success of the book which details a White House that barely functions as it stumbles from one crisis to another.

As well as revealing some insight into the writing of the book, Wolff also gave his opinion on what will happen next in the ever-tumultuous White House (hint - it doesn’t look good for Jared Kushner). 


(You can watch the livestream from Waterstones Facebook page below)