Easter 2017: 12 Awkward Family Photos That Capture The 'Magic' Of The Easter Holiday for Kids

Prepare yourself for the creepy Easter bunnies.

With the kids off school and time off work, the Easter holidays give families a chance to spend time together.

For some families, though, it seems to bring about some seriously embarrassing photos involving bonnets galore.

We've found some of the best snaps from Awkward Family Photos and just to warn you, they involve a lot of creepy Easter bunnies.

1. The girl who made her feelings clear.

2. The unfortunately placed balloon animals.

3. The brilliant recycled bunny hat.

4. The half dressed family members.

5. The unimpressed dad.

6. The Easter bunny of our nightmares.

7. The creepy lamb.

8. The kids who weren't ready for the picture.

9. The creepiest Easter bunny. Ever.

10. The one that captured dad's feelings about the egg hunt.

11. The Easter basket full of fags.

12. And one final creepy bunny.

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