7 Genius Baby Products For Stressed Parents That Seem Weird But Totally Work

Including a plastic butt straw. If you know, you know.
Sometimes the weirdest baby products are the biggest help. Because kids aren't always this cute.
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Sometimes the weirdest baby products are the biggest help. Because kids aren't always this cute.

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Looking after a tiny baby, especially in those first few weeks, is an incredibly daunting task. It’s also a very daunting shopping task. When I was pregnant I actually had a spreadsheet to keep track of what was needed, while simultaneously acquainting myself with things like travel systems and Googling the difference between a sleepsuit and a baby grow and how many exactly do I need and in what size?! (My kid is now one and I still don’t really know.)

I did not expect that in addition to shopping for lovely muslin blankets and tiny jumpers with bunny ears that I would soon be panic-buying some very odd looking products at 2am.

I also didn’t expect that I would then regularly slide into the DMs of new parents to recommend a plastic butt straw, but here we are! In addition to the aforementioned straw, here is a set of unconventional baby products that may seem a bit weird, but they all bloody work and are incredibly helpful.

The 'Windi'
This is a small (and safe) plastic catheter that you literally pop into your baby’s lil’ butt to help them relieve trapped wind or poop. It sounds weird, but if you’ve ever had a gassy baby screaming at 3am, you will do anything for a solution and THIS IS IT.
This electric nail file
A baby’s fingernails are incredibly sharp but also incredibly tiny, which makes trying to use a traditional nail clipper absolutely terrifying. This electric nail file is safe and super easy to use (and actually works!)
The Bluebell baby monitor
From body temperature to sleeping position, this little monitor is very useful, particularly when your babe starts sleeping in their own room. It might seem a bit OTT but the peace of mind is totally worth any potential judgement from a midwife or your mum.
Munchkin The Medicator
Trying to get medicine with a syringe into your baby’s mouth when they’re ill can be an Olympic sport for both the body and the mind, so clever gadgets like these can be an absolute lifesaver.
This Snotsucker
Unhelpfully, babies cannot blow their own nose, so you gotta help them out. This contraption is the most efficient way to help clear a baby’s snotty nose, especially when compared to a manual nasal aspirator.
This cradle cap brush
Sure this looks like a chew toy for a dog, but if your little one has a flaky scalp, you also know your standard baby brush is useless for this! These brushes are cheap but actually do the job.
This mini phone tripod
If you’re out and about and desperately need your babe to chill out and watch 20 minutes of Hey Bear, this tripod is your BFF. It can wrap around the toy bar of a pram or chill on the side of a table and fits most phones!

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