We Should All Love Our Reflection As Much As This Baby Does

Watch this 4-month-old giggle every time she faces the mirror.

A baby’s joyous relationship with her reflection is taking the internet by storm.

Four-month-old Khendi Mitchell was filmed giggling every time she saw herself in the mirror – and the video has been viewed more than a million times on Twitter.

Khendi’s mum, Sydnie Lemora, hopes it will teach people to “love themselves first”, a lesson she says she learned from her own mum.

“I always tell my daughter she is beautiful because my mum told me the same,” the 22-year-old from Texax, US, told the Press Association.

“I just hope that mothers teach their daughters at a young age, to love themselves first!” added Sydnie.

People on Twitter, as you can imagine, absolutely loved the clip.

And parents even showed themselves doing the same with their little ones.