Parents, Get Ahead Of The Back To School Rush With These Essential Buys

Because back to school shopping doesn't have to be a mad, last-minute rush.
Take the stress out of back to school shopping
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Take the stress out of back to school shopping

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At the start of summer, it feels like you’ve got forever to get organised for the start of the autumn term. But after endless beach days, birthday parties and barbecues, you blink and six weeks have suddenly gone by in a flash. You’ve got mere days to get those back-to-school buys sorted. Cue complete panic.

But instead of spending the last few hours of the holidays doing a mad dash around the shops with your children in tow, why not switch to ordering online ahead of time. Trust us, it’s a hell of a lot less stressful.

From pencil case must-haves to personalised name stamps and mini hand sanitisers, these are the essentials your kid really needs in their school bag.

This cute travel sanitiser bottle
Clip this refillable kid-friendly sanitiser bottle onto your kids bag to make keeping their hands clean a little easier.
This ultra easy stick on labels
For marking your kid's school uniform, these labels work a treat. They're easy to use and don't require ironing – you simply stick them on and that's it. They're water-proof and washing machine proof too.
This handy name stamper
Or instead of buying new name labels each year to stop clothes disappearing at school, a reusable, custom name stamper works a treat. Just make sure to use with permanent, washable ink.
This bumper stationery pack
This huge pack of pencil case essentials includes ballpoint pens, gel pens, felt tip pens, Sharpies, and a glue stick. It’s ideal for splitting between siblings or for ensuring you have spares throughout the year.
This time stamped water bottle
This leakproof, BPA-free water bottle features a cute dinosaur-themed design, along with time prompts for when to drink, helping to remind kids to take regular sips.
This personalised pencil case
This large Minecraft pencil case can be personalised and features two roomy compartments, ideal for stashing all their must-have stationery for a new term.
This pretty cool pencil case
Featuring three handy compartments, this pastel-hued pearlescent pencil case also has plenty of space for storing all the school must-haves, from pens and pencils to safety scissors and glue.
These classic school pencils
It's not a proper school pencil case without a couple of these yellow and black beauties, is it? This five pack of HB pencils should last your little one for the year. (Don't forget to pop a sharpener in their case too.)
These large rubber erasers
Whether your kid loves to draw or does a lot of work in pencil, a rubber is a pencil case must-have. These large sized erasers are easy to grip, making them simpler for little ones to use.
This kid's confidence journal
This best-selling daily journal has been devised by child psychologists for seven to 12 year olds to promote their self-confidence, optimism, pride and resilience, Packed with illustrations and exercises, it helps kids better understand themselves and reflect on the positives each day.
This dinosaur-themed insulated lunch bag
For keeping your kid's lunch cool, this double decker, insulated bag is perfect. It features plenty of space and has room for lots of snacks.
These essential handwriting pens
Is there any better pen to write with at school? These easy grip handwriting pens, a teacher go-to, are ideal for kids of all ages, and come with ink that washes easily out of school clothes.
This ergonomic handwriting pen
For kids who struggle to know where to position their fingers on the pen, this refillable handwriting pen is a game changer. (I was one of these kids and this pen made life a hell of a lot easier.)
This bright Bento-style box
BPA-free and dishwasher safe, this colourful lunchbox is ideal for younger kids. It features easy-to-grip 'toddler' utensils, and lots of space for different snacks. It's also easy to open and close.
This compartmental lunch box
Made from BPA-free material, this quirky Bento-style box has plenty of room, with two tiers of containers, along with fork and spoon compartments. Great for growing kids with big appetites.
These quirky bookmarks
For helping your little one to keep track of their page in their work book, planner or reading book, these silicone sprout leaves are ideal. Plus, their small size means they fit easily into pencil cases.
These pastel-hued highlighters
For highlighting key phrases and making colour coordinated notes, highlighters are essential, these water-based, fast drying colours are easy to use and wonderfully bright and bold.
This child-safe glue stick
Every pencil case needs a stick of trusty Pritt. It's child-safe, easy to use, and is the go-to in most classrooms. It's also super useful to have on hand for homework that requires a little creativity.
These easy-to-use toilet wipes
If your kid is still fairly new to using the loo on their own, having a pack of easy-to-use flushable wipes in their bag could help to give their confidence a boost.