17/07/2017 10:28 BST

Baker Street Hijab Incident Sees Suspect Defend Attack Claims Saying His Girlfriend Was Set Upon First

'My partner was attacked by three people - I diffused it.'

An architect at the centre of a suspected hate crime has attempted to defend himself for allegedly trying to pull off a Muslim woman’s hijab and spitting at her friend, saying his girlfriend was “attacked” first. 

British Transport Police (BTP) launched an appeal to trace the man after a woman tweeting under the name Aniso Abdulkadir posted a photo of her alleged attacker on Saturday.

In the tweet, that has been shared over 30,000 times, Abdulkadir claimed the man set upon her while she waited for a Tube on Baker Street early that morning. 

Abdulkadir wrote: “He proceeded to verbally abuse my friends and I, pinning one of them against the wall and spitting in her face.”

She added that a woman who was present “was throwing out threats and was also verbally abusive”. 

BTP confirmed the incident is under investigation as a hate crime, but as of Monday morning, no arrests had been made. A spokesperson told HuffPost UK that inquiries were still ongoing. 

A man identifying himself online as Pawel Uczciwek tweeted in response to Abdulkadi’s claims on Sunday, seemingly outing himself as the man being sought. 

Uczciwek claimed that his partner “was attacked” by three people and that he had stepped in to “defuse it”. 

He later also tweeted a statement saying that his ‘attackers’ were objecting to him and his partner being “in an interracial relationship”. 

In a series of tweets, Uczciwek argued that the media misreported the incident, using “religion as a scapegoat” because “the media does not even care that a black woman was attacked”.

“The perpetrators are treated as victims. I am shocked,” he tweeted. 

In a statement on Sunday, Uczciwek later wrote: “In regards to recent events I was accused of a completely false allegation because I defended my partner by trying to completely diffuse a racist attack from three other random females.

“As a result, one of the females in particular responded by making malicious completely false allegations against me and I would like to confirm I never hit or attacked anyone I simply defused the situation by separating them.

“The police is fully cooperating with me and will be able to obtain CCTV footage showing the three woman attempting to attack my partner because we are in an interracial relationship. I would advise anyone sharing or responding to this material to exercise caution as this is now a criminal investigation.”

BTP urge anyone with information on the incident to get in touch by texting 61016 or calling 0800 40 50 40.