Barbie Movie Releases Teaser Of Ryan Gosling's Big Musical Number As Ken

The Oscar nominee performs the original song I'm Just Ken in Greta Gerwig's new movie.
Ryan Gosling as Ken during his big number in the new Barbie film
Ryan Gosling as Ken during his big number in the new Barbie film
Warner Bros

Just when we thought we couldn’t be any more excited for the upcoming Barbie movie, the moment we’ve been waiting almost two months for is finally here.

Yes – we’ve been given our first teaser of Ryan Gosling’s big musical number as Ken.

Back in May, it was revealed that the release of Barbie would be accompanied by a soundtrack album including new songs by Lizzo, Ice Spice, Charli XCX and Dua Lipa, the latter of whom also plays one of the titular dolls in the film.

Intriguingly, it also revealed that an original song performed by Ryan was also featured in the movie – and on Monday, fans finally got a sneak peek at the Canadian star’s musical number.

The number, titled I’m Just Ken, is a power ballad, seemingly performed by Ken before he and Barbie part ways as she heads into the real world.

“I just don’t know who I am without you,” he laments, before launching into the number. “It’s Barbie and Ken. There is no ‘just Ken’.”

Take a listen for yourself below:

Ryan recently admitted he had to tap into his inner child – who was a performer on Disney’s The Mickey Mouse Club alongside Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera – to help him get into the sequence.

At a certain point I thought I had left that kid behind, and I realized that I needed his help to make this movie,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

“So I had to go back and make peace with him and ask for his help. It was good for me.”

Barbie arrives in cinemas on Friday 21 July.


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