Movie Fans Have Already Spotted Loads Of References To Another Iconic Film In Barbie Trailer

Could the references to a classic film be a clue as to what we can expect from Margot Robbie's new venture?

Greta Gerwig’s Barbie film had everyone talking this week, thanks to the release of exciting new posters and an elaborate trailer for the upcoming movie.

But now, film fans reckon they’ve spotted a few nods to another major film in the trailer after repeat viewings.

In the clip, Margot Robbie’s take on the iconic doll is seen driving past a movie theatre showing The Wizard Of Oz – and viewers have spotted a few more references to the pioneering film within the trailer.

Margot Robbie in the Barbie trailer
Margot Robbie in the Barbie trailer
Warner Bros

For starters, the clip opens with a close-up of Barbie in a pair of glittery shoes, while Dorothy’s ruby slippers are obviously one of The Wizard Of Oz’s most iconic images.

Others have also pointed out that Barbie can be seen heading out on an adventure on a baby pink brick road, in what many have interpreted as a nod to the famous Yellow Brick Road as seen in the 1939 classic.

What’s more, Barbie’s outfit in this sequence is a pink gingham dress – in other words a Barbie-fied version of Judy Garland’s famous costume.


The Barbie movie trailer reveals a huge Wizard of Oz easter egg that could explain the plot of margot robbie, greta gerwig, and ryan goslings movie. Between the dorothy gingham dress and the movie posters plus the pink brick road and slippers, its looking clear that this will be an epic journey. #barbie #barbiemovie #barbiedoll #margotrobbie #barbiemovieedit #barbietrailer #margotrobbiebarbie #ryangoslingken #gretagerwig #wizardofoz #wizardofozmusical #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo

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Some have taken these nods as a sign that Barbie will be a re-telling of The Wizard Of Oz, but while Dorothy Gale was transported to a mystical dream-like world, Barbie will instead be venturing into the “real world”:

Barbie will star Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as the titular doll and her boyfriend, Ken.

Issa Rae, Kate McKinnon, Nicola Couhglan and Hari Nef will all play different variations of Barbie, while Ncuti Gatwa, Simu Liu and Scott Evans will all play alternative Kens.

Also in the supporting cast are Michael Cera, Emerald Fennell, Will Ferrell and America Ferrera.


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