The Wizard of Oz

"Like many queer men before me, The Wizard Of Oz became a life raft."
Nearly two decades later, a Minnesota man has been charged with stealing Dorothy’s ruby slippers.
Could the references to a classic film be a clue as to what we can expect from Margot Robbie's new venture?
Thankfully there are several light-hearted "classics" that will make the run up to 31 October enjoyable for everyone, even for the most lily-livered yellow bellies out there. Hurrah!
After one year of living in Los Angeles, here I was - back visiting London for 2 weeks. Home. I was noticing things I'd never noticed before. No, not just noticing, but in their comforting familiarity I found them to be exquisite.
On October 8th 1938, following a series of revisions by several writers, the final draft of The Wizard of Oz was completed. After principal filming wrapped March 16th 1939, the much-anticipated movie was released to the general public on August 12th 1939.