Barry Keoghan Has A Cheeky Surprise For Saltburn Fans As Part Of New Photoshoot

Alexa, play Murder On The Dancefloor...
Barry Keoghan
Barry Keoghan
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Vanity Fair has unveiled its annual Hollywood issue – including a cheeky surprise for fans of Saltburn.

Every year, the magazine assembles a host of A-listers in the middle of awards season, with 2024’s version including Pedro Pascal, Jodie Comer and Jenna Ortega, alongside Oscar nominees Lily Gladstone, Bradley Cooper, Colman Domingo and Da’vine Joy Randolph.

To commemorate the issue, Vanity Fair released a minute-long video showing its cover stars mingling and schmoozing in their red carpet attire.

Well, all except one that is.

At the end of the clip, Barry Keoghan appears fully nude, in a nod to one of his most iconic moments from Emerald Fennell’s divisive film.

Barry also appears on the magazine’s cover (this time in clothes), while also speaking to Vanity Fair about the scene in question.

“I’m pretty impressed with how I moved,” he admitted. “I was like, ‘Wow.’

“In the final moment of the dance, I twirl twice, and if you look at my footwork, it’s linked to boxing. It’s all about footwork and moving the hips and stuff like that. That definitely came into factor, subconsciously.

“I was afraid to move my hips and move my body in a certain way, but the set was made quite comfortable for me. Once the camera goes up, I always feel a bit safe, and I have the license to kind of waltz in that environment.”

Barry Keoghan as seen in Saltburn's final moments
Barry Keoghan as seen in Saltburn's final moments
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On the “crazy” response to the scene from the public, Barry added: ’It can be detrimental to the mind and your mental state if you read into it too much or you look at too much stuff being said. But I wouldn’t go there if I wasn’t prepared for that, or if I wasn’t open to receiving what people want to say.

“I think it shows an act of maturity in your craft, and if it justifies the story and moves it forward, why not? You look at European cinema and they tend to have a lot of scenes that involve nudity, and it’s not a massive thing, really. But I think it’s true art. It really is.

“And it’s true vulnerability as well. You’re really kind of putting yourself out there in the most vulnerable state. It’s beautiful to look at. I’m not saying it’s because of my body, but it’s freeing to see that body move around in the way it does. It’s like a moving painting, almost.”

Barry previously opened up about his dance sequence last month, insisting to GQ: “It’s not a normal thing to see. But it’s a normal thing to do, because I know we all do it at home. Every single one of us, we all dance around naked.

“So it’s probably the most relatable scene in the movie – to everyone watching.”

Read Barry Keoghan’s full interview in Vanity Fair here.


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