BBC News' Simon McCoy And Carrie Gracie Are Currently Partying In Ibiza And We Are Living For It

Wish you were here? Yes we do!

There’s not been much to smile about in the news of late, but prepare for that all to change thanks to BBC News presenters Simon McCoy and Carrie Gracie.

In one of the most unexpected tweets of the year, the pair have revealed they are currently partying together in Ibiza.

Simon and Carrie have taken a break from reading the headlines and jetted off to the White Isle, and have been sharing their own updates while they’re there.

Simon posted a picture of himself and Carrie in an outdoor club, along with the caption: “We made it! #carrieandsimongoclubbing.”

Another tweet revealed they’d been disturbing fellow sunbathers while planning their shenanigans.

“Poor @BBCCarrie got told off today by someone relaxing on the beach,” Simon tweeted. “She woke him up shouting ‘Simon, if you want to go clubbing - we need to go now!’.. #Ibizalife.”

Other pictures showed Simon enjoying a pint on the beach and sitting down to dinner together.

Incredible scenes.

Simon has built up a legion of fans with his often-sarcastic take on certain news headlines.

In 2013, he reported on the upcoming birth of Prince George saying: “Plenty more to come from here... none of it news.”

He also provided some first-rate dead-pan narration over footage from the World Dog Surfing Championships in California, which ended with him declaring: “That’s a shame, we have run out of pictures.”

And, of course, let’s not forget the time he appeared live on air holding a pack of paper instead of an iPad.

Meanwhile, Carrie has been one of the leaders in the fight for equal pay at the BBC, quitting her post as China editor when she discovered her male counterparts were earning more than her.

After blasting the broadcaster in an open letter for having a “secretive and illegal pay culture”, she was awarded backpay, which she donated to a gender equality lobby.

She has since returned to reading the news in the BBC studio.