Simon McCoy Takes The P*ss Out Of The Dog Surfing Championships

Bravo, sir.

BBC newsreader Simon McCoy stunned viewers on Monday with a masterclass in British sarcasm after being forced to report events at a dog surfing competition.

McCoy was tasked with narrating footage from the World Dog Surfing Championships in Pacifica, California - and brilliantly conveyed the level of his enthusiasm for the event.

“Bear in mind it is August,” he caveated before reading a script peppered with canine puns. “Some events have really big waves, some have small waves,” he added dryly.

Video of the segment has already been shared more than 1,200 times on Twitter.

Watch the clip, above.

And here’s McCoy’s beautifully apathetic narration in full:

“Bear in mind it is August. This doesn’t look like a walk in the park. Dog owners and their pets in California have hit the waves in the second annual World Dog Surfing Championships.

“Here are the pictures. There’s also style, there’s confidence, there’s the size of the waves, some events have really big waves, some have small waves. There’s a lot of style and techniques.

“The competitors’ main challenge is to stay afloat on the board in Pacifica near San Francisco. But there are also prizes for the best dressed and tandem surfing.

“The winner is of course, crowned Top Dog. That’s a shame, we have run out of pictures.”

It’s not the first time McCoy has become *the* story.

And in 2013, McCoy reported on the then upcoming birth of Prince George, saying: “Plenty more to come from here... none of it news.”



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