28/04/2017 08:37 BST | Updated 28/04/2017 16:09 BST

BBC Question Time: Theresa May Excoriated By Calm Oxford Man Over Election And Jeremy Corbyn

He looks a bit like Corbyn too.

A member of last night’s BBC Question Time audience took just under a minute to calmly demolish Theresa May whilst defending Jeremy Corbyn over the ongoing General Election campaign.

Speaking from a studio in Oxford, the man accused the PM of failing to fully participate in the campaign trail and the Tories of being more interested in abusing the Labour leader than announcing policies.

The measured outburst came a day after Boris Johnson described Corbyn as a “mugwump”. 

Tory criticism of Corbyn was led in by Boris Johnson on Thursday in a typically colourful column in The Sun.

The Tory Foreign Secretary described him as a “benign herbivore” and a “mutton-headed mugwump” capable only of “meandering and nonsensical” speeches.


MUGWUMP: A person who remains aloof or independent, especially from party politics.

But the attack was thwarted by a trio of interviews in which Johnson was largely... meandering and nonsensical.

Instead of being given space to bash the Labour leader, he was instead grilled on why the public should trust what he says after the now-infamous £350 million NHS pledge made on the side of a bus during the EU referendum campaign. 

Meanwhile, May herself has been accused of cherry-picking audiences on the campaign trail. 

David Dimbleby chaired the topical debate from Oxford. On the panel were Conservative work and pensions secretary Damian Green, Labour MP Clive Lewis, Liberal Democrat minister Jo Swinson, the SNP’s Europe spokesman Stephen Gethins, and the journalist and member of the House of Lords Camilla Cavendish.