Farage Called Out 3 Times For Not Standing As An MP But Still Making Many Media Appearances

Fiona Bruce, Piers Morgan and a member of audience questioned the honorary president of Reform UK on BBC Question Time.
Nigel Farage was left defending his decision not to stand as an MP on 3 occasion on BBC Question Time
Nigel Farage was left defending his decision not to stand as an MP on 3 occasion on BBC Question Time
BBC Question Time

Nigel Farage was cornered repeatedly on BBC Question Time for appearing all over the media this week for Reform UK without actually standing to be an MP.

Amid much speculation he would stand for the right-wing party last week, Farage announced he was not going to because it was “not the right time”.

So on Thursday evening, the BBC host Fiona Bruce turned to the honorary president and asked: “I think it’s fair to say you have appeared on virtually every media outlet this week, which has attracted some criticism because you are not actually standing for election.

“So why are you the person fronting the campaign?”

“Don’t ask me! You invited me on!” Farage said.

“We actually asked Lee Anderson but he didn’t want to come on,” Bruce replied.

Anderson is Reform’s only MP, having defected from the Conservatives earlier this year.

The audience laughed at Bruce’s rebuttal, while the host pressed on and reminded Farage he actually is not standing for election.

He replied: “I had actually planned on standing for election with a six-month run at it but a six-week run at it, virtually impossible.”

He added that Richard Tice is Reform’s leader, and that he is just campaigning for issues he cares about amid this “boring” general election.

A member of the audience then asked Farage: “Is the reason you are not standing because the last seven attempts you do try to stand you didn’t get selected? I’m sure that’s not the case, but I’d love to hear your thoughts.”

As Farage started to reply amid more audience laughter, broadcaster Piers Morgan cut in with his own dig and said: “Yes it is! He has bottled it!”

He replied: “You have never had the bottle to stand ever!”

“I am not a politician! You bottled it!” Morgan said, while Farage shouted over him and said: “You’re not even a TV host!”

Bruce broke up their spat and said: “OK! Stop! Could you please answer the question?”

Farage said when he stood for Ukip they were a pressure group, he has only had one serious attempt to stand for election, and that he did not have enough time to prepare to run again.

But Morgan replied: “Sorry, you’ve had all year to think about this selection. We all knew it was coming.”

“No, Piers, I have a nightly TV show – yours has been shut down! Mine is still going!” Farage said.

Piers Morgan Uncensored was on TalkTV but is now on its own YouTube channel, while the GB News show called Farage is still available to watch on TV.

Bruce then had to cut in and said: “As much as you want to sort out your TV rivalries, now is not the time.”


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