BBC Question Time Oldham Tonight: 7 People Already Convinced Of Anti-Jeremy Corbyn Bias In Owen Smith Clash

The conspiracy theorists are out in full force.
Appearing on tonight's programme in Oldham: Owen Smith, David Dimbleby and Jeremy Corbyn
Appearing on tonight's programme in Oldham: Owen Smith, David Dimbleby and Jeremy Corbyn
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Tonight’s BBC Question Time showdown in Oldham between Labour leadership candidates Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith promises to be a heated climax in the high-stakes election.

Both MPs will face chair David Dimbleby and a live studio audience as they battle against each other ahead of the race results due to be announced on September 24.

At 9pm, an earlier time than the political programme’s normal broadcast, a special edition of Question Time will help undecided Labour members make up their mind about which candidate to back.

But well ahead of the show’s airing, some Corbyn supporters have already decided how biased it will be against their man.

1. Audience plants

@bbcquestiontime BBC bias warning!!!! Oh and watch out for audience 'plants'. Otherwise enjoy.....

— Alan Hoppers (@hooglemeister) September 7, 2016

2. Typically rigged

@bbcquestiontime @whitbyemma @jeremycorbyn @OwenSmith_MP It will be a typical BBC rigged audience

— P McCabe (@PeterMcC66) September 1, 2016

3. Clear streak for Smith

@bbcquestiontime @jeremycorbyn @OwenSmith_MP So expect Corbyn to be interrupted every 20 seconds & Owen to get a clear path

— gurggles (@gurggles1234) August 30, 2016

4. Stabbing Corbyn in the back

@bbcquestiontime @jeremycorbyn @OwenSmith_MP Is this another opportunity to knife #Corbyn by the #BBC?

— terryfletcher (@terry45336188) August 31, 2016

5. Ambush attack

@bbcquestiontime @HootayMcBoob

Watch the BBC arranged stooges set to loudly ambush #Corbyn.

Remember @georgegalloway ??

— Phil (@bilks) September 6, 2016

6. Pro-Smith set-up

@bbcquestiontime @jeremycorbyn @OwenSmith_MP You only get a ticket if your against Corbyn tho........BBC will set this up as they do.

— Casper (@Casper10666) September 5, 2016

@ukcarers @bbcquestiontime Yep, except for most of the members. BBC will throw in a few Corbyn supporters to make it look balanced.

— Casper (@Casper10666) September 6, 2016

7. Rigged against Corbyn

@bbcquestiontime @DylanStrain
I assume @bbcquestiontime will rig the audience in favour of OS.

— VernonTaurima (@VernsCave) September 2, 2016

Tonight’s episode is being billed by the BBC as a “special edition of Question Time” and will last one hour, finishing at 10pm.



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