19 Before/After Haircuts To Show *Just* How Much We Needed Them

"Cannot tell you how good it felt ... no longer sporting the castaway look."

Brits really needed a haircut. And as lockdown restrictions eased once more on Monday, many headed straight to the hairdressers or barbers – queuing if they had to – to get that much-needed trim. After months of DIY cuts, floppy hair, and hats to hide our barnets, we’d made it.

Collette Naden, 30, from Hemel Hempstead, was one of many who took the day off as annual leave to get her hair done. “I hadn’t had it coloured since September because my original appointment was supposed to be the day lockdown 3.0 started,” she says.

What a difference.

Because we love to see them, here are more before/after photos of haircuts that are filling our timelines with joy.

In case you hadn’t noticed, a lot of men were desperate for a cut

Deuvaunn Darroux, from London.
Deuvaunn Darroux, from London.

And women showed off their brill new barnets, too