Benefit Accused Of Telling Young Women 'Being Pretty Means You Don't Need An Education'


Benefit cosmetics has been accused of telling young women to value their appearance over their education with a recent makeup advert.

The UK-based cosmetics brand has launched posters for a new range of ‘Boi-ing’ hydrating concealer, with an image of a young woman in bed with an alarm clock and a pile of books next to her.

Some consumers think the company have misjudged their messaging with the caption: “skip class, not concealer.”

As they believe it implies women should prioritise their makeup routine over going to school.

One of the critics was mother-of-three Kate, who tweeted a photograph of the advert (sent to her by a friend) on display in Debenhams.

Kate, who is mum to Izzie, Theo and Poppy, said: “So let me get this straight as long as you’re pretty, you don’t need an education?”

Megan India, who also saw the advert in a different branch of the high-street department store, said: “Cause we need to teach girls that looks are far more important than an education. Thanks Benefit.”

She followed it with a subsequent tweet, five days later, saying: “Still just chilling in the window display...poisoning young minds...and making us hate Benefit.”

And they weren’t the only ones who were offended by the advert, lots of women agreed that the tone was “damaging and worrying”.

Both Benefit and Debenhams have responded to the criticism.

Benefit said to all the complainants: “Thank you for your feedback. Please know that we value all levels of education; we apologise for any communication that did not reflect this.

“We are currently taking your comments into future design considerations.”

Debenhams went further and promised to remove the advert from stores.

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