09/11/2016 13:24 GMT | Updated 09/11/2016 17:58 GMT

Berlin Wall Anniversary Lands On The Day Donald Trump Is Elected US President, Peak Irony Is Reached

'Hate takes the stage.'

On November 9, 1989 the Berlin Wall fell. 

For 28 years, those living in the East part of the German capital were separated by barbed wire and concrete from those in the West.

The wall served to prevent people defecting from East to West - a threat which had dogged the communist Eastern Bloc post-World War II.

Stringer . / Reuters
West Berlin citizens continue their vigil on top of the Berlin Wall in November 1989.

Finally, in November 1989. the head of the East German Communist Party declared that citizens could cross the border whenever they wished. 

That night, people began dismantling the wall that had separated friends and families for nearly three decades.

East Berliners get helping hands from West Berliners as they climb the Berlin Wall which has divided the city since the end of World War II.

Some brought hammers and picks to begin chipping away at the concrete border while others in the jubilant crowd swarmed the wall, crossing over the block to see their neighbours.

Berliners from East and West crowding the area in front of a border fence at this border crossing point in East Berlin, watched by East German border police.

Pictures of free citizens scaling the wall and celebrating its demise is still considered some of the most iconic images of unity in history.

That weekend, more than two million people from East Berlin visited West Berlin.

When the wall was finally torn down, Berlin was united for the first time since 1945. 

Stringer Germany / Reuters
West Berlin citizens continue their vigil atop the Berlin Wall.

Fast forward 27 years and Donald Trump, a man who wants to build a wall separating the US and Mexico, has been voted President.

In fact, Trump’s vow to build a wall along the border with Mexico, to make Mexico pay for it and to achieve iron-fisted control over illegal immigration stands as his leading election promise.

And the fate of millions of people who are in the country illegally is a gray area - Trump is not promising to deport them but also not saying he would give them legal status. 

But the irony of electing a man who promotes divisions within society on this particular anniversary has not gone unnoticed.

During his election campaign, Trump promised he would not build a wall with America’s other neighbour - Canada.

But After today’s results images are circulating on social media of Canada’s attempt to create a physical divide with the US now that Trump is President.

Following a bitter and divisive campaign against Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton, Trump - a 70-year-old man who has no political experience - shocked the world when he was elected US president on Wednesday.

The billionaire property mogul has caused a startling amount of controversy in his journey to the White House, particularly surrounding his comments about women.

Multiple accusations of sexual assault emerged and Trump was caught joking about being able to “grab women by the pussy” because of his celebrity status.

As he becomes the 45th president, stock markets tanked, the dollar plunged and many commentators compared the result to ‘Brexit’ and the anti-Establishment anger that fuelled Britain’s exit from the EU.