Obsessed With Your Airfryer? Here's 12 Accessories To Make It Work Harder

Psst: these are the add-ons you need to make the most of the kitchen gadget of the moment.
All the buys you need for easier air fryer cooking
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All the buys you need for easier air fryer cooking

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So, after hearing all the hype around air fryers, from the money they can save you compared to conventional oven cooking to how much healthier than deep fat fryers they are, you’ve purchased one and are absolutely besotted.

As someone who uses their air fryer almost every single day, I completely get the air fryer obsession. I use mine for everything, from roasting meat (yes, really) to making homemade fries – my partner is even talking about cooking our Christmas turkey in it this year. That’s how crazy we are for it.

An air fryer itself might be great, but pair it with the right accessories and you can truly maximise its efficiency. Trust me, I’ve already treated myself to a selection of air fryer add-ons and you won’t be disappointed.

To give you the right idea, we’ve rounded up a selection of the top-rated buys that everyone with an air fryer needs in their life.

This Air Fryer Cookbook (that's perfect for easy meal making)
Feeling a little stumped for how to best use your air fryer? This super handy cookbook, that's packed full of lots of quick and healthy recipes, will get your started.
These kitchen tongs
For moving food about, a pair of kitchen tongs is a must. Especially as, air fryers – and the sides of them – tend to get really hot.
This handy olive oil spritzer
For coating your foods in a light oil coating before cooking, this spray bottle (and the silicone pastry brush that comes with it) is ideal.
These heat resistant air fryer mats that'll save your surfaces
Air fryers get hella hot, which means you don't wanna leave them to sit on your countertops – unless you want to deal with burn marks. Pop one of these mats under your fryer for safer (and less damaging) frying.
This super handy digital thermometer
For ensuring your foods are properly cooked, this folding digital food thermometer is a godsend (I have one of these and I use it every single day).
This ActiFry cooking basket
Designed specifically for the Tefal ActiFry, this spinning cooking basket is ideal for frying all of your go-to snacks, from chicken nuggies and chips to mozzarella sticks and kebabs.
These silicone cooking liners
Thanks to easy-to-grab handles, these silicone fryer lines make air fryer cooking a dream. The high sides ensure that food doesn't spill out, plus they're super easy to clean after use.
This cake mold for easier air fryer baking
Woah, who knew that you could bake cakes in an air fryer?! FYI, you absolutely can and, with this silicone seven-cavity cake mold, the process just became even easier.
These air fryer racks
These air fryer racks allow you to cook more than one food at once, speeding up the overall cooking process. (Imagine being able to cook fries and nugs both at once.)
This heat-resistant silicone oven mitts
This versatile silicone mitts are ideal for keeping your fingers safe while cooking food in your air fryer.
These reusable silicone liners
Forget paper liners, these reusable silicone liners work like a dream. Not only do they make air fryer cooking even easier, they also make the clean up process a hell of a lot easier.
These magnetic air fryer cooking cheat sheets
Got yourself an air fryer but not quite sure what to do with it? These recipe sheets will turn air fryer cooking into an absolute breeze.