10/08/2016 10:21 BST | Updated 10/08/2016 10:21 BST

Best iPhone Fitness Apps

Give your mind and body the workout it deserves.

Staying fit is often difficult to fit in around our busy lifestyles, finding the time to go to the gym or think about healthy meal plans when we’d rather just go to the pub after work. 

But the growth of a wide range of iPhone fitness apps means you really don’t have an excuse anymore.

To coincide with the Rio Olympic Games, Apple has created a curated selection of fitness apps which aim to get you healthy both in mind and body.

We’ve picked our favourite apps from the collection below.


We all carry our smartphones with us 24/7 so keeping on top of your fitness goals is easier than ever, and you can fit it in around you. 

So whether you’re looking for meal time inspiration, a personal trainer or someone to track your running routes, there is something for everyone.

What are you waiting for? Get downloading, your body will thank you for it.  

Best iPhone Fitness Apps 2016:

  • 1. Yumly
    1. Yumly
    Struggling to work out what you can cook from the ingredients in your fridge? Let Yumly suggest a healthy meal for every night of the week. With thousands of recipes, Yumly puts "every recipe in the world in your pocket". Including a smart shopping list and access to recipes from all over the web. 
    Download for free.
  • 2. Map My Ride
    2. Map My Ride
    Map My Ride is the perfect tool to give you detailed data analysis and feedback on your cycle. With distance covered, route marker, calories burned and average pace - what more could you want? You can also share your favourite routes with the MapMyRide community.
    Download for £2.99.
  • 3. Running For Weight Loss: Interval Training Plan
    3. Running For Weight Loss: Interval Training Plan
    Running For Weight Loss claims it is the number one fitness app in over 50 countries around the world and helps you lose up to 35lbs in just eight weeks with the simple running plans. It provides you with mapped routes (including the sections you can jog or sprint) for the most effective interval training and calorie burning. When you chance pace, your music will adjust to suit the tempo of your run. You also get audio instructions from professional personal trainers. 
    Download for free.
  • 4. FitStar Personal Trainer
    4. FitStar Personal Trainer
    FitStar says it is the perfect low-cost alternative to hiring your own personal trainer, and means you can train anywhere in the world if you're travelling away from home. You get a customised workout that shows you exactly what you need to focus on, how many reps and in what order. Videos guide your every move, so you know if you're not doing that plank quite right. You can also connect it to your Apple TV to workout in your living room. 
    Download for free.
  • 5. Lifesum
    5. Lifesum
    Lifesum helps users make better food choices, get more out of their exercise, and ultimately reach your health goals. You can search for recipe inspiration, instantly rank your foods based on how healthy they are (making it easier to make healthy choices when you're out and about) and record your fitness goals. Combining nutrition and exercise, Lifesum is an all rounder. 
    Download for free.
  • 6. Nike + Training Club
    6. Nike + Training Club
    The Nike + Training Club features expert workout advice from Nike Masters and globally renowned athletes such as Serena Williams and Rory McIlroy or celebrities like Ellie Goulding. You can share your workout with your friends too. 
    Download for free.
  • 7. Zen - Guided Meditation
    7. Zen - Guided Meditation
    Zen Guided Meditation app is designed to give you a healthier mind and body and help you stay relaxed and focused throughout your day. Listen to guided meditations, as well as chart your mood and your sleep. You can also play sounds of nature to help you relax when you are on the go.
    Download for free.
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