Beyoncé's Renaissance Has Landed And It's Officially Black Girl Summer

This album is for us.
Handout via Getty Images

Renaissance has dropped and it’s everything we wanted and more. Whether you’re part of the Beyhive or not, everyone has been anticipating Beyoncé’s latest album, especially Black women.

We have a special relationship with Queen B. We’ve been her biggest fan girls since her Destiny’s Child days – and it was affirming seeing a Black woman dominating the pop world since her teenage years.

We’ve watched her go from a girl to a woman whilst exploring her sexuality, Blackness and femininity. When she released ‘Break My Soul’ – the first single to be released from Renaissance – I knew that this album was going to be for us.

After a few listens I can confirm that this is a Black Girl Summer. ‘Church Girl’ nods at our relationship with religion – twerking at night but waking up for church in the morning – while ‘Alien Superstar’ provides a self-affirmation guide for Black girls.

And as a fellow Virgo, ‘Virgo’s Groove’ feels like it was specifically made for me.

We’re ready to be outside and dance to Queen B. Here’s what Black women think about Renaissance.

Beyonce is doing what she does best, empowering us

She’s showing us why Virgos are truly the best

And she made a song for the religious girlies

We have songs we can dance to, too

So don’t expect to hear from your Black girlies today, we’re all busy listening to this album.