"My sister was the person I was most worried about. Her acceptance of me was paramount to my emotional survival."
“I have to mother like I don’t have a job and work like I don’t have children. I’m constantly dealing with the feeling of ‘I’m not doing enough.’”
"I couldn’t help but wish I could teleport myself back in time. Kavi Sharma was exactly the doll I needed ― only 40 years too late."
Can we all at least agree it's a little bit weird?
A new study found Black women report experiencing less obvious signs of depression.
He still believes in the monarchy and didn't call his family racist – confused, much?
"For two centuries, we've been excluded," Stonewall tweeted.
Sister Ginny Wanjiro is training nurses to care properly for their patients' hair – as well as their health.
"I pushed the button on the battery-powered component of my wheelchair. It didn’t work. Before starting to panic, I pressed it again. Nothing."
New year's resolution to read a bit more? This list should definitely get you excited.