People Are Only Just Realising Where They've Seen Tom From Big Brother Before

We knew we'd seen that unmistakeable hair somewhere else...
Big Brother fans have finally worked out where they know Tom from
Big Brother fans have finally worked out where they know Tom from

Between Farida, Kerry and Dylan, the rebooted series of Big Brother has been chock full of contestants who have starred on TV before.

And now fans have realised that Tom has also previously made a brief appearance on our screens in the past.

The 21-year-old butcher from Somerset was actually in an episode of Kavos Weekender, another ITV2 show which followed a group of pals over the holiday summer season in the Greek party town.

While Tom may not be the most lively housemate in this series, Big Brother viewers have since picked up on his other reality TV appearance and took to X/Twitter to voice their opinions.

“Oops! Big Brother’s Tom has been busted for his double reality TV stardom!” wrote one fan account.

Another also observed: “Tom in Kavos Weekender with that mullet.”

For others, it was actually the appearance of Tom’s best friend Liam on the spin-off show Big Brother: Late And Live that gave the game away.

There's no mistaking that hair, is there?
There's no mistaking that hair, is there?

“He’s the one who went on Kavos Weekender with Tom. Recognised him straight away,” sone viewer wrote, Another added: “Is Tom’s mate really his mate or just cast mate from Kavos Weekender.”

Across this year’s Big Brother – which debuted on ITV2 last month – fans have noticed that several contestants have already had a taste for fame.

Farida, who was the first housemate to be evicted, had previously tried to bag the £1000 prize money on Come Dine With Me, and more recently appeared on Bradley Walsh’s series Blankety Blank.

Kerry took home £35,000 on Deal or No Deal in 2007, and Dylan appeared on the talk show, The Last Leg.

Even Zak, who was the second housemate to be booted off the show, has had a shot at stardom, as he is a successful model for brands such as ASOS and BoohooMan.


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