24/05/2021 09:48 BST

Susanna Reid Left Speechless After Bill Turnbull Jokes About Piers Morgan Live On Good Morning Britain

Susanna was not sure how to react after Bill referenced her former GMB co-host during Monday's show.

Bill Turnbull left Susanna Reid speechless on his first day co-hosting Good Morning Britain, when he made a cheeky reference to her former co-host Piers Morgan’s explosive last day with the show.

On Monday, Bill and his long-time BBC Breakfast co-star Susanna were reunited on GMB, where he’ll be guest anchoring until Wednesday.

However, things got off to a bit of a tense start, when Bill attempted to cut an interview with MP Anne-Marie Trevelyan short.

Towards the end of the interview, Bill declared that they’d have to “leave it there because we’re past 8am and I’m very sharp on time”, to which Susanna interjected: “Oh no! No we’re not going to leave it there!”

She later revealed to viewers that Bill was “very agitated” with her as, during their days at BBC Breakfast, they “had to stay to time”, at which point he held up four fingers, pointing out that the interview was then running four minutes over its allotted time.

Bill and Susanna had a disagreement about timings

When the show then returned from an ad break, weather presenter Alex Beresford revealed the pair were “still arguing about timings”, with Bill declaring: “For a moment I thought I was going to have to storm out the studio.”

Seemingly unsure how to respond to this reference to her former co-host Piers Morgan, she abruptly shifted her gaze and let out an awkward cough, with Bill then joking: “Ooh! Embarrassed silence. Here’s Charlotte Hawkins with the latest headlines.”

Susanna looked rather uncomfortable at the mention of her former co-presenter

Bill was, of course, alluding to what would turn out to be Piers’ final day at GMB, when he was called out by Alex Beresford live on air about his treatment of Meghan Markle, only to then storm off the set.

That night, Piers announced he would not be returning to GMB, after Ofcom confirmed they’d be launching an investigation over the divisive presenter’s comments about the Duchess of Sussex.

Good Morning Britain airs every weekday from 6am on ITV.