The Blessed Madonna Pulled No Punches After Rishi Sunak Used Their Song In An Instagram Clip

"I’d rather hear my own death rattle echoing in my ears than hear the sound of my voice in an ad for the Tories..."
The Blessed Madonna in 2016
The Blessed Madonna in 2016
Noam Galai via Getty Images

DJ and music producer The Blessed Madonna had some choice words for Rishi Sunak after discovering the PM had used one of their tracks in a recent Instagram video.

Over the weekend, Sunak posted a video on social media showing him going about his duties as prime minister, alongside fellow members of the cabinet like David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt.

The montage was accompanied by the Fred again.. and The Blessed Madonna collaboration Marea (We’ve Lost Dancing), and when word got back to the latter about the song being used, it’s fair to say they were unimpressed.

“I just want to say, for the record, I’d rather hear my own death rattle echoing in my ears, as I plunge happily into the void than hear the sound of my voice in an ad for the Tories,” they commented on the post.

The musician added: “What comes next is an election.”

Prior to this, The Blessed Madonna also claimed they were “repulsed” to see their song featured in one of Sunak’s videos.

Rishi Sunak
Rishi Sunak
WPA Pool via Getty Images

The Blessed Madonna is one of several high-profile artists to have spoken out against the Conservative party for using their music in campaign videos.

Last year, M People founder Mike Pickering said he was “livid” and “absolutely gutted” at then-PM Liz Truss for walking out to their song at the Conservative party conference.

“She won’t be around to use it again for very long. I would imagine,” he added, in what turned out to be something of a prophecy.

In the past, Calvin Harris, Florence + The Machine and Friendly Fires have all issued similar statements.


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