Forget Blue Monday, Here's How You Can Hit The Gym For Free On 16 January

Endorphins to the rescue.

Monday 16 January, or Blue Monday as it’s more commonly known, is supposedly the most depressing day of the year.

So to get hearts racing (and prevent the sudden urge to head for the nearest chip shop) a UK-based gym will be opening its doors to members and non-members free of charge on the 16th.

The hope is that it will cheer everyone up - you know, with endorphins flowing and all that.

Mikolette via Getty Images

Fitness First will offer members and non-members free access to its 58 clubs on what they have dubbed ‘Red Monday’.

The gym has partnered with three Instagram-stars-turned-personal-trainers who will be heading up free fitness classes on the day.

Members of the public will also have the chance to take part in Fitness First’s brand new class Shred - a programme that combines compound lifting with HIIT training - run by Zanna Van Dijk, Clean Eating Alice and Bradley Simmonds.

Combined, the level three personal trainers have helped over 800,000 people worldwide transform their bodies and attitudes to health and fitness.

From left to right: Zanna Van Dijk, Clean Eating Alice and Bradley Simmonds.
Fitness First
From left to right: Zanna Van Dijk, Clean Eating Alice and Bradley Simmonds.

“Red Monday encompasses my whole message of developing lasting physical and mental strength and I love the fact Fitness First is giving people a platform to kickstart their new year in the right way,” said Zanna Van Dijk.

“I’ve learnt that hard work, consistency and determination can help you reach your goals and I want to inspire people to feel strong, confident and healthy no matter what time of year it is.”

According to personal trainer Bradley Simmonds, the Shred workout is rewarding in terms of calorie burn, strength and conditioning and cardiovascular health.

Commenting on her involvement, Clean Eating Alice said: “We’ve all had that feeling of deflation after Christmas, but after a long day at work there really is no better feeling than smashing out a workout.

“The sun may not be shining and your motivation may be a tad lower than usual, but by setting realistic nutrition goals alongside your training, I guarantee your January won’t seem as gloomy as you first thought.”

See you there.