Bobby Brazier Reveals Hopes To Pay Tribute To Late Mum Jade Goody On Strictly Come Dancing

The EastEnders actor said he has the "perfect" song for a very special routine.
Bobby Brazier
Bobby Brazier
BBC/Ray Burmiston

Bobby Brazier is hoping to pay tribute to late mum Jade Goody during his time on Strictly Come Dancing.

The EastEnders actor was just five years old when Jade, who rose to fame after appearing on the third series of Big Brother, died from cervical cancer in 2009.

Bobby is currently appearing as a contestant on this year’s Strictly, where he is partnered with professional dancer Dianne Buswell, and there could be an emotional moment later in the series when the pair get to do their Couple’s Choice routine.

In a new interview with The Mirror, Bobby said: “Our Couple’s Choice, there is a song that is so perfect, I would love to do it.

“If it happens, it happens, but I would love to do that.”

Bobby with mum Jade in 2006
Bobby with mum Jade in 2006

In an interview with The Face magazine last April, Bobby spoke about his “hero” mum and how he feels lucky to be able to watch old video clips of her online.

“I’m always being told that she’s a hero and that she was funny and that people see me in her on a daily basis, which is nice,” he told the magazine.

”I’m lucky that [her life was] kind of public, because it means that I can watch videos when I’m feeling strong enough to watch videos.”

“But sometimes, I can’t,” he added. “I will cry if I do.”

Bobby, whose father is TV personality Jeff Brazier, went on to say how he thinks what happened to his mum is “unfair” and that he misses “what could have been”.

“I hear all the time she was such a presence, that she was one of a kind,” he said. “What hurts most is that it wasn’t just losing anyone, it was losing Jade.

“I just would’ve loved to have seen what other people had seen.”

When asked if he misses her, Bobby replied: “I don’t. Because I don’t feel like I was with her long enough to miss her. I’ve kind of spent more life without her than I did with her.”

On last Saturday’s Strictly, Bobby and Dianne found themselves fourth on the leaderboard after performing a Samba to Young Hearts Run Free from the film Romeo + Juliet.

Strictly Come Dancing continues on Saturday at 6.30pm on BBC One.


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